Astrology of 17-19 June 2012 Sun and Moon in Gemini or Khordad.


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Astrology of 17-19 June 2012 Sun and Moon in Gemini or Khordad.


Once a year Venus and Jupiter get close to each other. Venus is love, Jupiter is morality. The two are in the sign of Twins we call Khordad. A great time to make contacts and plenty of them. Think about reasoning.

Now when the Moon gets there as well then it really emphasizes it all. Tomorrow and the next is great time to get married, make that proposal. Love is in the air. That is about ten hours from now. Between now and then you have a unique chance to deal with total strangers as the Moon makes a good angle to Uranus.

But this love in the air is not the usual kind of love. It is very thinly spread out. You could even have double relationships. Imagine having a contract with a pair of people. So it is a bit different. Go flirting. Polygamy.

The other areas that we get some changes are not that different from a few days ago. The Sun is still in good angle to the area of law and society ruled by Saturn in Libra. So government will be able legislate easily. Get a good business deal setup.

Mercury is still making awkward angles to Saturn in Libra.  So it will still be hard to have any family order. Mercury is in Cancer which deals with family. A lot family tensions will come to the fore. Expect brothers and sisters to find out their differences. All sorts of logistical problems will be discovered.

And this is all a bit odd. In one level love is in the air for the one-on-one relationships. But on purely logistical basis there will be challenges. Imagine a wedding and people turning up late. Very ironical. Or married couple in a traffic jam.

Finally at the end of day on Monday the Moon makes a tough angle to Mars in Virgo. That means you will seriously get to find out about your health or some office chore. Just postpone it. Don't get fussy. This is especially if you are born in last week of Esfand Azar or Sharivar.

And that's it. Short and sweet. That is the mood. Keep it short and sweet.


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