Astrology for 22-24 June 2012 Sun in Cancer


by alimostofi

Astrology for 22-24 June 2012 Sun in Cancer or Tir, Moon in Leo or Amordad.


Happy first day of the new Season or Happy Solstice day. I put countless tweets @alimostofi on the world of Stone Circles from Armenia to UK. Iran's great observatory at Takhte Tagdis has to be noted by all.

One day this magical centre will be given the respect it has had well before it was called The Throne of Solomon. It is actually part of what many call Stargate, parallel universe and all sorts of mythologies related to Iranians and Indo-Europeans. Stuff of legends.

Takhte Tagdis is where ancient warriors, Jews, and many others find their roots from tens of thousands years ago. Oh yes. It is the root of the world, and sadly it does not have a lot to show at the moment. I weep.

To carry on. Recently, that is in the past 10 thousand years, in what historians call Zoroastrian Iran, we celebrated, and still do, the first day of each season. It is the moment when we have the greatest light. We Iranian relish light. Our poetry and mysticism is centered on the role of light in our lives.

Even after horrible invasions we managed to put the philosophy of light in the aliens' minds and educated them. Eventually celebrations are created. Even the most sinister die hard from Qom has yielded. Iranians love to have celebrations. We call it Jashn which is derived from Yasna. Our prayers in Avesta are in chapters called Yasna. The word links to the word Justice as well.

As you might have noticed I have not given astrology reports in the normal way you see them in newspapers and the internet. I have sort of educated the novice Iranian.  Normally in the newspapers, you see your birth sign and you read the prediction for your sign.That system only works if you were born around sunrise. Most people aren't.

But I will do it this time and you can see how much of it applies to you. If you know that your ascendant is one of these then it applies to you. So if you are a Cancerian or Tir and were born around midnight or in the fourth house, then the constellation Farvardin or Aries was on the eastern horizon or what we call the ascendant.

So we start with Farvardin or Aries and for you this month the Sun is in your fourth house. For you this is the time for dealing with home and family.

For Taurus or Ordibehest the Sun is in the third house of brothers and sisters and neighbours. How about talking for a change.  Yeah talk.

For Gemini or Khordad the Sun is in your personal finances. Get your bank statements. Shut up and count your money.

For Cancer or Tir the Sun is in the area of your self your identity. Get fit. Stop being a slob.

For Leo or Amordad the Sun is in the area of you needing to be humble and selfless. Shut up and listen. You are not the only person in the room.

For Shahrivar or Virgo the Sun is in the area dealing with corporate relationships politics and groups. Try meeting new people. Join a club.

For Libra or Mehr the Sun in the house of social status and future plans. Fill your diary for the year. Plan your life and no more "I don't knows" 

For Scorpios or Aban have the Sun in the house of travel and exploring and philosophy. Get some meaning in your life. Meet foreigners.

For Sagittarians or Azar the Sun is in the house of joint assets, loans, taxes. Work with your business partner. Borrow money.

For Capricorns or Day the Sun is in the house of law and love. Be honest and open up with the one you love. Share your feelings.

For Aquarians or Bahman the Sun is in the house of health and efficiency. Sort out your job environment and tidy up your life. Clean out your drawers and files.

For Pisces or Esfand the Sun is in the house of risk gambling sport real estate. Express yourself. Play. Buy property.

Now this is just looking at where the Sun is for this month.  Ideally you need to see where all of the planets are. Most of them don't move a lot.

The Moon shifts every two and half days. That is why I do it this way. If you see me writing on Moon in Leo or Amordad and you are a Cancerian or Tir, then the you need to get fit for the month as stated above but for the next two days you will need to focus on personal finances. So nothing beats a direct personal customized analysis.

But there are themes that apply to all of us and I use that technique. So for the next two and half days we have the Moon in Leo, and at the time the Sun rose the Earth had the Moon in its second house of personal assets and self worth. So the main energy is directed to measuring and taking everything into account.

The Moon is making a good angle to Uranus in Aries in 10th house. So look to finding people who can be involved with your self worth from the highest most reputable authority who is also a bit odd, as Uranus is in the tenth house. Talk about the "I have" in your life to some top eccentric person.

Later on in two days the Moon will make great angle to Saturn in 4th house of home and past. So deal the finances of the family or the past about your home or people who have passed away. Find someone who is very conservative about family affairs.

The other planets have not changed a lot. So yes Venus is still making love tough for Sharivar Pisces and Sagittarius, and easy for Mehr Bahman. The Sun is opposing Pluto and will create domestic challenges. Pluto will help Capricorn completely gut out corporate structures and discover deep weaknesses.  Mars is Virgo and energizes those born in the last week of Sharivar. Libra is still feeling the weight of responsibilty. First week born Farvardin are still being eccentric.

Everyone should enjoy the feeling of going around with children and animals and take a gamble with the Moon in Leo or Amordad for the next two and half days. Just express what you want for yourself. It is about being positive about what you have for yourself.

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