Astrology of Full Moon in Farvardin or Aries 2012

by alimostofi

Astrology of self and love: today is probably one of the better days in the whole year to look at all this. This video is a bit old but it is good.

The self and the one you love. The Moon has just had the Full Moon,  and it is starting to get very close to Saturn. Look at the sky.

So you need to get over all the past feelings of love. Sure there will be all those broken hearted moments. We have all had them.

If you are in sales, you need to not worry about all those old deals that did not happen. Go through your list and kiss them good-bye.

Now all this is really easy to say, but there is a feeling inside you that lingers. What is it that gets you to feel that way?  It is mostly related to what your self-concept is.

With the Sun in Aries, you have the energy to accept you for what you are. Live for the moment. You have to accept life now as defined in the present. Don't brood. Act now or just stand still and feel the now. Once you do that you will have the self-concept.

If you find that you are worrying about why it happened, say "I have to live now" and breathe. Don't blame. Remember that you are in the moment you live. That is what Aries teaches you. Go and kick ass! Yeah.


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