Astrology Report: 11-13 May 2012 Moon in Aquarius or Bahman.


by alimostofi


If you look at the link above you will see a Horoscope wheel for right now 6am GMT. Yes Astrologers always use GMT. You will see the Moon with the sign of Aquarius next to it. The numbers give you the exact degrees and minutes it is in now.

The Moon was in Capricorn for the past two days and you should have made some long term plans for your future in the society. Did you get a vision of what you wanted to, or at least figure out what you didn't want to do?

So what do we need to do in society once we have established our position? We collaborate. Let's think about this. You want to let's say create a new enterprise or business. You need to be in touch with people and do things together. In ancient Iranian cosmology it is Voho Manah. And Avesta has dedicated prayers to this moment.

That sort of relationship is the "we express" of your life. It is the opposite of "I express" which what Leo does. The King is Leo, the Parliament is Aquarius. The owner of the company vs the workers. Politcal parties are governed by Aquarius.

So for the next couple of days you need to get in touch with your social network. Oh yeah this is facebook, twitter, your club and of course your colleagues at work. Think in terms of concensus. Don't think of your self. Think of the links between you and people you do not know well. Yes PR. Think outside the normal circle of family and close friends.

Now let's look at the existing planets and whether they have made any movements. Not a lot has changed. Mercury has moved along a bit and the rest are pretty much where they were a couple of days ago.

But the Moon has moved to make a square or 90 degrees to Mercury. Squares bring out the actions we need to take. Mercury is in Taurus which is all about value. So find out the areas you need to get some numbers. Quantify.

Later on tomorrow the Moon will get to make a square to the Sun and Jupiter which are really close to each other. Look in the sky at night and see the Moon, it looks half lit. We call it last quarter. You will to work on that big research you are so optimistic about.

Right now is one of the most luckiest days in the year. Kids born now will be big and very lucky. Jupiter expands and when the Sun gets close to it it really makes the new borns larger than life.

And finally we have the Moon making really good angles to all your love and partnership aspects of your life. Venus and Saturn are in Gemini and Libra and the Moon will be making a 120 dergree angle to them. This is called a Trine and it is an easy angle.

So go and give your partner a big hug. Sign and new deal. Spring is in the air and love is everywhere. Be bold. Get in touch with someone you have ignored for a while. Bump into that girl or bog and strike up and conversation.


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