Astrology Report for 12-14 June 2012 Sun in Gemini or Khordad, Moon in Aries or Farvardin.


by alimostofi

Astrology Report for 12-14 June 2012 Sun in Gemini or Khordad, Moon in Aries or Farvardin.


The Moon is now in Aries or Farvardin. Before I get into what it all means, it is important to realise where it was before, and what the change means.

The Moon was in Pisces. It forced people to deal with their subliminal side. It made you intuitive. You reacted to illusions. You had to understand that part of you that was not logical or explainable. It was intuitive. You had to forget yourself. You got to know your unyou.

There are two parts of you. There is the very real tangeable you, that exists in the here and now, and then there is the other parts of you from all your other experiences.

All experiences is not just what you did yesterday, it is literally everything; from other life times to parrallel universes; to whatever weird and wonderful fantastic worlds you may relate to.

Once you sorted out your Pisces part of your life, and we all have one, then you can move forward and think about you in this world here and now. That is what Moon in Aries or Farvardin does every month for a couple of days.

This month the Sun is in Khordad, Mercury has recently got into Tir and Venus has been around in Khordad for a while now. Of course Mars has been in Virgo for too long.

Look at that link and you will see that Mercury is opposite Pluto and 90 degrees to Uranus. Nightmare in any area related to wherever Gemini or Virgo is in your horoscope. Out with the old in with the new, especially when it comes social networks.

Right this moment the Moon is really close to Uranus. So get out and meet new people. People you do not know closely but are in an organization with. Or failing that join a new team. Go for new job.

Tomorrow the Moon gets close to opposite Saturn. That will bring out the duties you need to do for your career. So hopefully all the folks you have just contacted will move you up on your career. With the Sun at good angles to both of them you should really be in a good vein to do well.

It is not always that the Sun forms such a good angle with Saturn and the Moon causes a challenge. There will be for example a responsibility you really have strong personal emotions about.

It is about you, just you, and what is regarded as fair in the law. You need to accept the difference. The Sun will help you find the right person. But remember it has to be a unique new solution for it to work.


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