Astrology Report: 13-15 May 2012 Moon in Pisces or Eafand


by alimostofi


The Moon has just entered Pisces or, Esfand as we say in Iranian Astrology.

The Moon was in Aquarius. Social networking was the mood. Now that you have got in touch with all the people you are not close to you, you need to think outside the world of people.  So you need to really think of the whole of your universe.

You need to think of all the areas you have ignored. This includes the areas that just do not make sense in the normal logical way to you. You might have to really go and be humble, and be prepared to face things you did not want to face.

Put others first. Be charitable. Face anything that is inuitive. That is what we call Sepantarmarzi in Persian. The unyou. In ancient times they symbolized this experience as two fish with a link from their ends. In other words deal with irreconciliable. This Pisces energy. It is the final sign that deals with whatever you have ignored all your existances.

I know it sounds weird. But Art is. People who are musicians, painters, writers, deal with the realm that does not deal with the practical or mundane. They see through the material universe. They have vision. The vision comes from a feeling that they cannot control. It guides them from within. You have to abandon the explainable. I know it is hard to explain.

Today is when Sun is conjunct Jupiter in Taurus. Taurus is the material worth. And so the mood we are in will be put to practical use with Mercury Sun and Jupiter there. So draw in. Feel the idea and express it in a practical way. Compose.

Mars is forcing action as it was opposed by Moon and squared by Venus. Be careful about love. Or yeah, what the hell, just go head on with that argument you want to have, if you want to do that. You will do it and not know how and why you did it. But you will good after it and no one will understand why. It's a laugh.

Coincidently I am watching The Truman Show and it shows how we can just know what it is that is not. Now isn't that weird. Lol.


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A: this is just for the next

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A: this is just for the next couple of days.

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how does this harmonize with news current events??????

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I was reading today that Bahrain not being able to keep its monarchy in absolute control, due to the peaceful protests against the minority rule and therefore agreeing to do a unification with saudi arabia?