Astrology Report for 14 to 16 June 2012 Sun in Gemini or Khordad, Moon in Taurus or Ordibehesht


by alimostofi

Astrology Report for 14 to 16 June 2012 Sun in Gemini or Khordad, Moon in Taurus or Ordibehesht


If you look at the link above you will see that the Moon just entered Taurus or Ordibehest and the Sun is 22 degrees in Gemini or 22nd of the month of Khordad in the Iranian calendar.

The Moon is still in the area of group activities or the eleventh house as the Sun rises. Geminis are well known for their ability to have so much energy is meeting new people. It comes from having Aries on their house of colleagues. At this time of the month though most of them will be a little more practical with the Moon being in Taurus. So get to know people in finance.

The mood is set by Moon. And Taurus is the area of what you own and it is the "I have" of your life. We have had Jupiter there for a whole year or so and we have all had to become very conscious of nature and the Earth we will on. Everyone has become very financially prudent. That is Taurus.

Iran as you know is very old and some three thousand years ago we had the Earth celebrating the Equinox in Taurus and we Astrologers call that the Age of Taurus. We are now the Age of Aquarius. Each Age is about 2000 years long and it goes backwards.

In Iran you can see a lot of Bull motifs everywhere because of the Age of Taurus. Prayers to the adoration of Ordibehesht are in the Avesta. Most religious people do not understand this. But look at Bulls all over Persepolis.

As I say all the time, I write from the heart and with the novice Iranian Astrology enthusiast in mind. There is a lot of ancient Iran that is Astrology that is not understood by religious or Archeologist scholars. One day when I go back I can give the correct interpretations. And a lot of our past will only appear once it is safe to do so. Much is hidden away from religious or scientific zealots. Both are as bad as each other. The Astrological attitude is different.

What is special about the planets now. Well you can see that the Moon is making a nice 30 degrees with Jupiter. So any financial research and anything to do with your own material resourses. Be possessive. Be gready. Bargin your corner. Find value.

And talking about value, property speculation is beginning to look good. As the Sun rises Saturn is coming out of the fifth house and into the fourth house. Mercury is getting to make a good angle to Saturn and the Moon is going to make a good angle to Mercury.

So all affairs ruled by home family tradition will be emphasized. It is summer in Northern Hemisphere so holidays will be great with family. Or just think about history and tradition. Later on in a couple of days though begin to look at getting some art bargains as the Moon gets close to the last degrees of Taurus.

It is lucky moment for Ordibehesht Day and Sharivar. Tir will get loads of information sorted. Sharivar born around 15 to 25 will have a lot of sports to do. Mehr around 15 to 25 will have to really be responsible. Day around 5 to 15 will have to reavaluate joint assets think major upheavals. Farvardin 5 to 15 will be into being eccentric.


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A note to editors. Please do not edit the title. The description is an important way to track, find and compare the records easily. For example you can easily see the same position of the Moon four weeks ago, but how different the planets are. That is a major difference between the pathetically simple Islamic lunar calendar and the profoundly sophistcated Astrological calendar.

So don't touch my reports.

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