Astrology Report: 18-20 May 2012 Moon in Taurus or Ordibehesht.


by alimostofi


If you look at the link above you will see on the edge of the wheel the time and date for the position of the planets and the Moon. You will see that it states 10:06 UTC. That is the time in what we normally call GMT or before it becomes Summer time here in UK.

If you then look for the little Moon symbol you will see the symbol for Taurus. So that is about the time Moon enters Taurus. It will take about two and half days for the Moon to do 30 degrees. So by midnight Sunday the Moon will have gone to Gemini.

Taurus is all about measurement and value. This is the practical down to earth solid materialistic side of our lives. In Astrology we have the various planets and Moon representing for different parts of both our personal and social lives. The speed of the planets and Moon pretty much relates to the parts that change the most and change the least.

Our emotions are the most volatile parts of our lives and so the object that moves the most represents that. What is that object in the sky? It's the Moon.

Weyhey! So folks Astrology has a method. It is based on measurement and a lot of maths. As I have said I am doing all this to bring the Iranian community up to speed with the very basics of Astrology. Most of you will continue this work for years after I have disappeared, and do a better job.

Anyway here we go. What's in store? Well look at the link above again and see Mercury next to the Moon and next to that is Jupiter and then the Sun. So we have what quite a rare situation.

Iranian Astrologers discovered the positivity of Jupiter and called it Ohrmazd for good reasons. Jupiter as we all know is massive and takes more than a year to do what the Moon does in two days. Jupiter has been going through Taurus for a while and it is where expansion can take place. There is a lot lot more on this.

Now look at the Sun and look at the previous reports and you will see that it has moved closer to Jupiter and now passed it. We saw many major elections take place as Astrologers in all those countries had organized it all. Now even stock market flotations are coordinated. Look at Facebook's very timely IPO. Look at Mercury the planet of communication. It is there getting nice and close to Jupiter.

The other angles are the 150 degree Saturn is making to these planets and Moon in Taurus. That angle is much to do with the energy of Virgo. Sharivar is 150 days after Knowrooz (Nowruz) or Equinox and it concerns the other practical activity or separating the good from the bad. You will see Virgos see things in tiny details and split hairs. This energy is important in the bureaucratic medical and all things to do with running an administration. So we call it Shahr or town and rivar which means running of. Clever eh. Old Iranians knew what they were doing when they chose these names.

So with all this expansion energy going on, we have Saturn forcing us to sort out the practical useful stuff from the extreme. I know it is hard for you all to keep up with me. But hang in there. Mars is in Virgo too and many of my Virgo friends and all those people involved in the civil services have really been energised. The position of Mars is around ninth of Sharivar or around 30 to 31 August. So if your birthday is around then make sure you really organize a fitnesss session. Mars will effect Virgos whose birthdays are up to seven days either side of ninth of Sharivar. So as the Moon makes the move through Taurus or Ordibehest you will have a fantastic 120 degree energy to really put some fitness health organization going.

As you all know we have just had Moon in Aries. You should have dealt with what is to do with the "I am" or your uniqueness. With Moon in Taurus it is the "I have". So really think about loving what you have. Sort out the finances and get ready for Gemini or Khordad when you need to reason and communicate. But you can't do that until you have something.


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