Astrology Report for 20-22 May 2012 Sun Gemini Moon Gemini


by alimostofi


In a few hours we will have the Moon block out the Sun if you happen to be around western US. When the moon is both longitudinally and latitudinally lined up with the Sun we have what we call an Eclipse. Sorry for the jargon.

We Iranians have a great old philosophy or some call it religion. It is now labelled as Zoroastrianism by descendants of Abraham. Anything that was done by Iranians before the Semetic religions came around is put in the Zoroastrian catagory. That is madness. We had great skills in occult and sciences. Gemini or Khordad is the energy that gave us that.

Much of what we call reason and deduction or the power to use ones brain we call Kherad, and Khordad is related to that. There were and are a lot of smart Iranians and we did not need one prophet or son of god. That is nuts. Our moto is Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds. We used our brain to reason. We have free will to deduce.

The month of Khordad is what the Astrologers call Gemini. The energy of the constellation makes us think in a simple reasonable way. It connects thoughts. It finds a rational connection between any concept, thought, idea.

It is all about linking and communicating. It can be very superficial. It has nothing to do with philosophy or religion or any deep meaningful concept. That is where the Sun will be for the next month and that the main drive for the next 30 days. People born in this month do not believe blind folded.

Now we all have a part of our horoscope governed by Gemini. You can find that out by getting the time of your birth and seeing where the constellation was in the sky at the time you were born. That part of your horoscope will make be very cool and clear about those affairs of your life.

So if like me you have it on your fourth house you will be very logical and reasonable about matter ruled by the fourth house. What does fourth house mean. Woops that is a side track.

Side tracking is not a problem around the month of Khordad or Gemini. In fact the whole attitude of this energy is to jump around and be scatter brained. Twittering. Short sentences. Random chit-chat. Flirting.

It is that fleeting thought. It is the very simple thought. It is about simultaneous concepts. We all know about the concept of twins in Gemini. But it is all about having two concepts being acceptable at all times.

And so we have at the heart of Khordad the ideas of Yin and Yang or Ohrmazd and Ahriman. People ask me "Ali what was the religion of Iran?" and I tell them there was the concept of duality. That we can have two outcomes all the time for all concepts.

It is not good or evil. It is polarity. Just like a battery. You need to have reversibilty for truth. This nuclear bomb vs nuclear energy. Everything has a flip side at the same time. That is Khordad. Look at Faravahar or the wings of Horus in Egyptian cosmology. Two wings. Both true.

So go and gather nuggets of information. Make lots of lots of connections. Scatter yourself. Don't get bogged down. Scratch surfaces. Spread yourself out. Touch everything. Be superficial. Taste and smell everything. Mmm just love everything and connect.

As you look at the link above you will see that the other planets have not moved that much for the past two days. Mercury has gotten closer to Jupiter. The challenge that Mars is creating is very much there and we will all be very frantic today and tomorrow because the Moon will make stressfull angles that force situations. So be ready to challenge bureacrats that will show you some silly details.

Later on in a day and half the Moon will be connecting with Venus and Saturn in a good way. Law and authorities will be easily dealt with. So make that proposal on Tuesday evening. Pick up the pen. Blog. Get that thought out. It is time to connect. This not a time for solitude. Get curious.


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