Astrology Report: 23-25 May 2012 Sun Gemini, Moon Cancer or Tir.


by alimostofi


If you look at the link above you will see that around Noon GMT that is four hours ahead of New York Summer time or EDT, the Moon will go into Cancer or Tir. It will stay in Tir until late Friday.

There is a natural progression or order as the Moon or planets move from one sign to another. We started the month of Khordad or Gemini with the famous Eclipse that crossed the Pacific. Expect new beginnings around those parts of the world. 2012 is a special year. Now you need to think about the areas governed by Cancer or Tir.

Tir is all about family, home, your heritage. Tir energy tells us to act based on what you have done over and over again out of habit. Most people have families or people they have strong emotional ties with.

You should just reach out to family feelings and get to do what you need to do to your home now that you have contacted everyone with the Moon in Gemini energy. No more chatting. Settle down.

If you look at the link above you will see that the other planets have all sorts of coloured lines linking them to other planets and Moon. Look at Pluto and Uranus. They are forming 90 degrees and the Moon will also make 90 and 180 degree angles.

The Moon will trigger the energies of Uranus and Pluto. Uranus will force you to be innovative and Pluto will be volcanic. Big forces are in store later on today then when it comes to the home and family.

Check out the electrics. Uranus and Pluto have been causing havoc for a while now and you can see the number of major political upheavals all over the world.

There is a good Gemini Sun energy now to help you communicate better these changes. So we should be able to get to the solution sooner whatever the flavour of the upheaval will be.

As usual we have to think about the law and society everytime an awkward angle is made to Saturn and that will happen on Friday. And all the lovers will argue more, but will find a new logical solution as Venus in Gemini will grease the wheels out of any sticky situation.

So work on your habits and put them to good use. There will be challenges but keep the batteries are full on your mobile phone. You should be able to talk yourself out of whatever challenge of the past reveals its ugly head with Sun and Mercury in Gemini.


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