Astrology Report for 24-26 June 2012


by alimostofi

Astrology Report for 24-26 June 2012 Sun in Tir or Cancer, Moon in Shahrivar or Virgo.


If your compare the positions of the planets in the link above to those when the Moon was in Amordad or Leo, they will appear as if little has changed.

That little amount is actually quite significant. Look again. Look at the numbers next to the Sun when the Moon was in Amordad or Leo ib previous report. It says 1. This one says 3. Now we Iranians actually call that day the first of Tir or Cancer, and this one 3rd if Tir.  The inferior other calendars call it 22 June and 24th which means nothing in Space-Time. 

"Now hold on Ali" you say, "What? .... Really!"  Well think this way. You are in a space ship, far above Earth, and Earth looks like the dot on this full stop. The other planets are like the letters that make the words. The words are like the solar systems in the constellations. And the paragraphs are like the constellations that make the galaxies.

The Universe is a massive book and the page of your life and the chapters are all yours as the whole lot moves around. The essential core is that pixel, within that full stop I called Earth at that Space-Time signature, which is you.  You are that very special and unique to the tinniest details. You are a child of the Universe.

I am trying to teach novice enthusiasts in Iran, why this form of measurement is so important for them, to get a four dimensional view of their universe. It will help people to escape the chains of mesmerising dogma. It was invented by Iranians, in Takhte Tagdis or Atashkadeh Azargoshnasp or Throne of Solomon, well before Time. Stuff of epic lengends of our Indo-European heritage, which somehow escapes the minds of religious historians.

The link above shows the view you would get as you hover above our solar system and can see the constellations. Where the planets are and the angles they make creates a different crystal structure just like atoms in a molecule. The Earth literally inches along around the Sun, and every time the Sun rises, the angle of the Sun as seen from Earth has increased by one solar day. If you draw a line from Earth through the Sun you would hit Tir or Cancer. Simple.

Every morning that line would appear in the new extra day from Tir and lights up your sky. Now take a snap shot of that and what you get is the link above. Obviously you can't see the planets with your eye, but with the new smartphone apps you can point your Apple iphone, or like me with the much better not racist (had to put that in) Samsung Galaxy Note, and see exactly where all the planets and constellations are without a telescope and a Zagros mountain.

Now look at the whole sky above at Sunrise as if it is a clock. On the left is what you would call nine o'clock. Then above is Noon and on the right is three o'clock. Ancient Iranian Astrologers actually split that sky up into areas of life, that Astrologers call Houses. The Noon is about your highest standing, your career, your future, your outlook (10th House). The East or nine o'clock is your self (the I am and 1st House) in the material world. The West or three o'clock is your link to the other self (the we are and 7th House) in your life. And then there are all the ones imbetween.

That is how we Astrologers say what we say. We know what a planet or a sign (constellation) stands for and then look at where they are, what angles they are making, and what little changes have taken place. Yes one degree movement means a lot. As you all know a day can make a huge difference in you life. So to say 24 June is meaningless compared to 3rd of Tir which is 3 degrees Cancer. Be proud of that Iranians!

You may ask why all the tiny details? Why is he so much into scientific explanations this time? It's the mood change my dear reader. The Moon is in Virgo, and with Virgo everything has to be put through the critical detailed nitty gritty detailed usefulness and practicalness test. No bullshit is accepted says Virgo. Blimey they will checckk my spellling mustakes. Lol.

At Sunrise the angle of the Sun was 3 degrees Tir or Cancer. So each of those areas of life starts with 3 degrees and as the Moon makes its way through 30 degrees of Virgo, and in two and half days the Sun will end up in 5th of Tir. Mercury and Venus move more than the Sun as they are closer to the Sun than Earth. Look and compare the charts on my instagram and see it all.

As I mentioned the mood has gone from Leo's creativity and expression to health and efficiency of Virgo. You should now be in a position to not be a slob and not chill out. Boro be karet beres as a good friend of mine told me recently. Fine words apt for this moment. Tamiz kon. Bendaz dur, or chuck out rubbish.

Venus and Jupiter are now entering into the 11th house of colleagues. So it is a good time for politics, in laws, team work and PR. Get hold of strangers. The Moon is making a square or active angle as it is in 3rd house of calling people. It is also lining up opposite to Neptune in Pisces or Esfand. So if you are born from 1-10 of Shahrivar or Esfand or Khordad or Azar its action stations. Dellusions and optimism and love are highlighted. Don't break up with people. Just tidy it up. Not a time to look at the ideals and fussy details of partnerships even though you really want to. The conversations will start but just keep cool. Wait until Venus starts to move forward on in a few days.

Mars is whizzing through Virgo finally and the world economy will start to get going again. All this 2012 Armageddon stuff was really about so many planets being in retrograde and the energy was introspective. We needed that for sure, but for this long? Why did the Ancient Galaxy Engineers who constructed this solar system put this in? Ah well. Anyway late Monday when Moon gets close to Mars in Virgo go for mean physical work out.

Here is a quick summary for the signs:

Farvardin: 1-10 Uranus makes them eccentric and improve job with Moon in 6th.

Ordibehesht: is lucky with Moon in 5th house

Khordad: think about home and family with Moon in 4th house. Take it easy with love.

Tir: think about calling colleagues and groups. Find that new stranger via your brother or sister or chat site as Moon is in 3rd house.

Amordad: needs to get his personal finances sorted as the Moon is in 2nd house. Be gready. Find value.

Shahrivar: has Moon in first house of self concept. Find out what you are as a unique individual.

Mehr: has Moon in 12th house of their unyou or humility. The past will catch up with you.

Aban: has Moon in 11th house of colleagues and politics.

Azar: has Moon in 10th house of setting their outlook to society new careeer planning future.

Day: has Moon in 9th house of exploring the meanings in life. Doing research. Look at me I have gone mad being a Cap.

Bahman: has Moon in 8th and they are into borrowings taxes and joint assets.

Esfand: has Moon in 7th and they will deal with love and one-on-one relationships.

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