Astrology Report for 26-28 June 2012


by alimostofi

Astrology Report for 26-28 June 2012 Sun in Tir or Cancer, Moon in Mehr or Libra


The Moon has been in Sharivar or Virgo in the past two days. You should have had a good detailed look at practical matters. Separated the good from the bad you did. Had to be practical. Got some hard decisions out of the way.

Once you do that you are ready for a change. The change is to share, because the Moon has moved into Mehr or Libra. The Moon is moving through the Sun's fourth house. That means we need to think about our home and our family heritage. Mehr in Persian means love or being able to bond. It is in the area or part of the present that is made of our past experiences. It is not in the part of our present that connects to the future.

Now look at the link above. You will see that opposite the Moon is Uranus. Uranus is in the area of the present that deals with the future and your social status. And then we have the Sun and Pluto having a tug of war. It is a cross The three planets and Moon are pulling people in four ways. But it is really two concepts of home and work.

Pluto and Uranus want us to really change our outlook to the future. The Sun and Moon want us to feel and think about the past. It is an impossible situation. But one thing for sure. If there are any changes it will happen in the next twelve hours. But once this ordeal is over you will know a lot clearer where you are along your past and your future.

What else is new. Oh yes look at Mercury. It is now in Leo. Mercury is all about communicating and it wants you to communicate in a Leo way. Leo way, is very expressive and wants to put itself on stage. Growl! It is the boss. So write about sport, children, animals and taking risks. It is making a good angle to Uranus and it is in the area of finance. So finding new business management should be easy.

Mercury is making good angles to Venus and Jupiter in Gemini. So express love. It really is a great angle for Mercury and we should really make the most of it. There is a lot of good positive energy for sport and drama. I am loving the Euro 2012 and Wimbledon. And as if by coincidence the commentator said right now "it is written in the stars". What lovely coincidence that is. You know that your are doing the right thing when two totally unrelated things connect like this. I love it. It happens all the time for me.

The next big event is when the Moon conjunct Saturn late tomorrow. That brings on the hard reality to the fore. So find that trouble in the family or your home. Get to grips with the foundation of your roots and the house. See the oldest member of your family. Visit grandad and grandma.

The summary for the signs who have to relate and think in these areas:

Aries or Farvardin: think about love
Taurus or Ordibehesht: think about work
Gemini or Khordad: think about risk
Cancer or Tir: think about home
Leo or Amordad: think about brothers and sisters
Virgo or Shahrivar: think about personal finances.
Libra or Mehr: think about yourself
Scorpio or Aban: think about humility
Sagittarius or Azar: think about clubs or groups
Capricorn or Day: think about your future outlook
Aquarius or Bahman: think about travel and explore
Pisces or Esfand: think about loans and taxes.

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