Astrology Report: 28 April-1 May 2012 Moon in Leo or Amordad.


by alimostofi

We have had few days, when we had to take care of anything to do with home family, and being very sensible. I hope you all were very emotional where it was necessary.

Only once you have worked out your home, and your feelings about your past, can you move to the next stage.

Your foundation is now strong, and so you should be able to build on it. You can now take chances. It needs your heart behind it. And the most powerful energy in Astrology is there. The Sun. Just so that you remember how powerful the Sun is, look at this video:


Sun's activities were spotted by ancient Iranians. Everything in Astrology is in a specific order. In our part of the universe the Moon's path is through the main twelve signs are as they are in the Iranian calendar. Be proud of that.

Our calendar is the most accurate in the world, but a lot of our ancient prayers associated with each of the constellations has been made into religion. So if you go to the Zend Avesta you will find a prayer to the constellation of Leo or Amordad or Khorsheed Yasht.


So what is this awsome energy we need to carry us through and take chances now. If we measure the Moon's angles it is making to the various planets now we can access what is particular about this Moon in Leo.

Remember it is unique to this time and space. Never before have all the planets and Moon been in these positions before. But each connection has been individually been seen before. Below are two videos that describe the angles very well.


It is a time to take chances and flirt. Yeah go for it. Take that chance. You know your self and it is time to be dominant. Be that Lion. Roar. Write that report. Get in touch with the boss and give him your pride.

Go and dance. Go and act. Go and lead. Be that arrogant boss and command. Play around. Look for porperty. Gamble. This is the time to be risky.

But the most important aspect of Amordad is the undying aspecf of your heart. The love you have is immense. It is forever. Look at this video and see this true story how the animal did not forget after a year being in the wild.

So go with your heart.


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