Astrology Report for 5-7 June 2012 Sun in Gemini or Khordad, Moon in Capricorn.


by alimostofi


I hope you all got to see that rare Venus Sun transit. To get a feeling of how much we human beings have advanced, you need to watch this video on the importance of the transit of Venus.

We Iranians were the pioneers in mathematics and we created some amazing measuring instruments. But most of you do not know the most basic one. It is the Qanat. "What Qanat?" you say. "That is all about water and irrigation". Lol.

Next time you look at an aerial photo of Iran, look near the mountains and see lots of wells. Our engineers knew, thousands of years ago, the distance between these wells, and then knew when the Moon's reflection would appear in the water at the bottom of the well, as it moved across the sky at night. That enabled Iranians to have the most accurate astronomical tables in the world. A bit like the way the video explains about the parrallax.

And in those days Astronomy and Astrology were the same. But nowadays there is a difference. I am talking Astrology. Big difference. Add myths and legends and the supernatural to Astronomy, and you get Astrology. We Astrologers see a particular object in the sky and look at certain angles that have meanings. As I mentioned before, this work is to educate and also interpret for Iranians, who were for centuries not allowed to look at Astrology thanks to Islam. So let me explain the concept of angles.

Obviously the planets are whizzing around the Sun. Go outside tonight, or get one of those new apps that show you the stars on your smart phone or tablet. Look for Mars and Sun and you will see that they are nearly 90 degrees apart. Of all the angles that exist from zero to 360, most Astrologers look at 30 45 60 90 120 150 180. I have a stock market research report and I look at twenty angles.

What we astrologers do, is to attach a meaning to the various angles. Some of these angles are easy and some are difficult. Imagine you are being pulled by two people who are opposite each other. Mum is pulling you on the left hand, and dad is pulling you on the right hand. What happens to you?  So if the Earth is right between two planets, or the Moon and a planet, the result is tough to resolve.

The basic logic is that we watch these objects in the sky, and the ones nearest to us like Venus and Mercury and Mars and Moon, move a lot and make all sorts of angles. If they make nice angles, we can resolve or even push our ideas and expand. If they are tough angles, we use that to sort out problematic areas. That is how we build and progress.

As Astrologers we spotted trends in people's behaviours and started to expect recurrances. That is why people thought us as intelligent or with Magz in Persian or Magus in Latin or Magic. It is all logic. Nothing "magical" really.

So what is happening now that is different from couple of days ago? Moon moves a lot, then Mercury then Venus then Mars.  Well, the Moon is moving into Capricorn. When were in that optimistic Sagittarius Full Moon, I told you how having it coincide with Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee means changes. How do know that? The moment the Sun rose in the East the Moon was falling in the West.

Anything that crosses that Western horizon causes changes. The Eastern horizon is the self and the Western horizon is the other. A link connects the two. We call that Mehr. So East is the Khod (God) or self and West is Mehr. Mehr deals with the changes in our lives. The whole miracle of love is ruled by Mehr, which keeps two selves together (Khodavand) throughout all changes. And UK will find a new social contract between itself and its people.

So where is the Moon now? It has moved along so it is not setting now. It was a bit higher and in the next couple days it will be involved in creating all kinds of relationships and partnerships in business. Old contracts will be thrown out and new ones created, as it joins up with Pluto, that has been in Capricorn for a while now. When the Sun rises in Gemini the Moon and Pluto go to work on taxes, loans, joint assets. Not personal assets or your own money.

Now remember what I said about being pulled at both ends. Well that is happening. Mercury is moving in Cancer and it will be opposed by Moon in Capricorn. So there will be challenges for those of you born around the beginning of the four seasons or Day Farvardin Tir and Mehr. Make sure to know what belongings is yours and what is your partners. Keep them distinct. Uranus is also making life exciting, by dragging all sorts of strangers into the mix. Keep yourself, your partner and your in laws or social networking friends, all distinct.

Later on tomorrow and the next day work on the domestic tidying up, as the Sun will make a 90 degree angle to Mars. You see, Mars is in the area of family home and all the real emotional "live now" area. Sun rules the area of communication for Gemini, and with the Moon making a cool 120 angle to Mars, you can really put a business plan together and make a great public presentation.

Capricorn is all about what is right in the social status area of our lives. So put on that smart suit. Look formal. Don't be tacky. Be polished. Elvis was a Capricorn. He was cool and very presentable. So be, as we say in Persian, "Aberoomand". Look as if you are the boss with the vision to what is ahead. That is why Capricorn is represented by the mountain goat that climbs to the top of the mountain. So climb your "mountain" and go for that job, project career move. Get serious.


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