Astrology Report: 7-9 May 2012 Moon in Sagittarius or Azar.


by alimostofi


Did you see that amazing Super Full Moon in the past couple of days in Scorpio. So many elections took place in this mid Spring euphoria.

Scorpio represented regeneration that takes place with new tangeable partnerships. This is the opposite to constellation Taurus which deal with your own assets and self-worth. Debates surrounding taxes, debt will ensue for all those governments.

And so with this regeneration we are ready to have a more meaningful mood. And that is what Sagittarius stands for. The new belief and meanings give us the morality. Religion and philosophy are ruled by Sagittarius. We call it Azar which means fire. There are three fire signs. Aries is like a forest fire. Leo is the fireplace fire. Sagittarius is the candle.

So for the next two and half days you need to seek and explore and do your profound research. Travel far. Reach out. Get to meet in-laws. Read deep insightful writing. It is the opposite of reasoning and logic that is ruled by Gemini. It is the candle in the darkness.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and it is in Taurus. So you can really find all sorts of things you want to own. With the Sun nearby rearch in home and family and children activities is easier.

The are other planets are making interesting changes whilst the Moon is in Sagittarius. Mars is inching forward through Virgo and the Moon is making a square aspect to it today. This helps to really throw out all the impractical discoverings you are having to make.

Mars is forcing Uranus radical energy to be weeded out. This has been pestering every progressive activity for the past three months. Somehow all corporate activities met too much detailed scrutiny. That will lessen from tomorrow as the Mars Uranus exact aspect takes place.

Also tomorrow is when the Moon will be making a combination of aspects that will force you look at your relationships, as it makes an opposition to Venus and a sextile to Saturn. But as I said at the same time it makes a strong aspect to both Jupiter and Sun.

It is a time of optimism with a little bit of detailed scrutiny.


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Bless you Ali joon

by kuroshmazandrani on

My son, Ali joon, you don’t need astrology, I am here for you.  I am your NEW Messiah.  You may address me as, Wop-Bop-a-Lu-Bop-a'u'llah.   Ihave blessed you and your family in advance.  Remember, the only star that matters is you.  Shalom.