Astrology Report: 9-11 May 2012 Moon in Capricorn or Day.


by alimostofi


The past couple of days you should have really looked and reaearched what your goals were. That is what that horse Sagittarius does. You gallop through your universe and discover new frontiers.

So why do we do that? We want to have more meaning in our life. And at some point we hit the end of that quest and reach the reality point. That reality point can be pretty hard of beat. But it is reality. It teaches you what the outside real world is. That is Capricorn or Day.

The word Deity comes from the word Day in Persian. Doah, and even the Dev, Deva, come from it. You will see connections to world scriptures related to this energy. Some call it unnecessarily extreme things like devil because of the harsh realties people have had to bear.

Saturn rules Capricorn. Satan is then used in that regard. But these are gross generalizations. Some people say that the rings around Saturn are symbolic of the fact that we have to have a band around us and limit our expansion.

So you can imagine what the ancients thought. Here we have two forces. Jupiter that expands and Saturn that limits that expansion. We Iranians call them Ohrmazd and Ahriman. Dualism is then the principle that governs our life. The ancients could not see any other planet further than Saturn with their eye.

In as much as I will tell you the present situation, it is important to realize the systematic thinking behind all this. We Iranians had the greatest observatories and our ancestors were regarded as "smart" or brainy. The word for brain is Magz. It becomes Magus in Latin. Magic then comes from that.

What the Capricorn energy does is to establish the order in the society. It allows you to connect all those discoveries you made with Sagittarius mood we just went through. Wherever you have it in your horoscope is where you need to be cool calm and disciplined. You need to be seriously mature. In that regard Saturn has the same effect. So angles made to it have the respective influences.

Now let's look at what the Moon is triggering. Right now the Moon is approaching Pluto. Have a look at the link above and you can see how close it is to Pluto. We have also Mercury now in Taurus. And then we still have Mars in Virgo. They are all about 120 degrees from each other or Trine. They are all in Earth signs.  That produces that wonderfull practical down to Earth energy.

But Pluto wants to dig up old defunct social systems and as the Moon is there be ready to see some changes in career and anything to so with society. Mercury will help you be really practical as it is Taurus as well.

Unitize measure find good quality really listen and accumalate what is right for the business and your long term future. That is what you need to think in the next couple of day.

See the long term plans, get the diary out and put dates and times on them. That is what Capricorn does. It is the master of space time. I am a Capricorn. Welcome to my world.


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