Astrology Report: Moon in Aquarius or Bahman


by alimostofi

Astrology Report for Moon in Aquarius or Bahman from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th of March in month of Farvardin or Aries 2012.

The Moon is about to finish being in Capricorn, and will move into Aquarius in around two hours or 11pm UK time (10pm GMT).

Aquarius or Bahman is the energy that binds corporate or social networking relationships. It is the politics and the extraordinary concepts. It is not the one-on-one energy as in Mehr or Libra. It is not the brotherly or simple short term fleeting relationships as in Khordad or Gemini.

If you look at the chart from the link below you will see the other planets as well. Look at the Moon and then Venus which is in Gemini. The two are forming a 120 degree angle. We call that a Trine. It is a supportive and easy angle. So unlike 90 or 180 that challenge and force the issue, 60 and 120 are supportive. So you can push the situations involved. The irony is a lot of people are so chilled in these situations that they don't push it.


So the theme is all about networking and it has Venus involved.  Common sense tells you a lot about Venus. Women or the receptive energy. It is in Gemini. It means love of communications, simple logical analysis. Not deep meaningful beliefs (Sagittarius). So it is really good for short texts. Tweeting or chatting and all that flirting is strong as Moon makes 120 degrees to Venus today and tomorrow.

Now let's look at what is behind us now. We had a tough set of angles that were formed by the Sun and Saturn and Moon. Look at how the Nuclear negotiations news was so awkward all this week. But now it is easier, especially after the Moon makes a 120 or Trine to Saturn on Sunday.

So who will benefit mostly from all this. Those who are born in Bahman Mehr and Khordad or the Air signs. It is a time to contact and connect this week-end. Make sure you have gotten the Good Thoughts and Good Words across as we prepare for what follows next.


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A: Actually Bahman is

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A: Actually Bahman is exactly that. So because the Moon is in Bahman it impresses all the energies associated with CC

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How about seeking to elevate our collective conscience?

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