Astrology report for Sun in Tir or Cancer, or Moon in Taurus 2012

by alimostofi

Astrology report for Sun in Tir or Cancer, or Moon in Taurus 2012


For the past couple days we had the Moon in the "me first" the "big I am" Farvardin or Aries. In the next two hours it moves into Ordibehesht or Taurus. The mood changes to "I have". So concentrate on what you have around you eg: possessions. Count your blessings. Don't be greedy, but value your life.

The Moon will make good angle with Pluto in Capricorn. So if you want to change your goals and social outlook, do it. I just put my stock market astrology service back on. Have a look at stockstars. The link is below.

As I told you before, the Sun is getting closer to Saturn. Saturn is all about society and its laws. So got a business deal, or want to get a legal situation sorted, then get to grips with it in the next few days.

Mars is all about action and it is making some very nice angles to Jupiter. No problem in going on journey physically or doing some serious deep research. Good for philosophy and self concept existentialism. It is still opposite Uranus, and that will bring odd connections for you.

The Moon in Ordibehesht is lucky for Shahrivar and Day. Not that easy for Aban, Amordad or Bahman.

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