Astrology of Sun in Amordad or Leo and Moon in Ordibehesht or Taurus 2012


by alimostofi

Astrology of Sun in Amordad or Leo and Moon in Ordibehesht or Taurus 2012


The Moon went, from the very self-centered Farvardin or Aries energy, based on the "I am" principle to, Ordibehesht or Taurus energy of "I have" this morning GMT. I usually write this sooner.

Nothing too serious to worry about other than it is an easy aspect. What is an easy aspect? It is when the angle is 30 60 120 degrees. The Moon is now out of that uneasy challenging aspect we had to Pluto. All those radical changes will now become practical.

Ordibehesht is the calming Earth or materialistic practical energy. If you look in the stars you will see a huge concentration of matter in and around Taurus. It is then not surprising for it to be the force behind all wealth and measurement.

In ancient in Iran you will see the Bull motifs everywhere. The Earth Equinox was in Taurus and that is why the ancient cosmologists of Iran made sure that their knowledge would survive time by having Bull motifs on columns of Persepolis.

One of the most puzzeling images is the scene of a Lion eating a Bull on either side of the Apadana stairs in Persepolis. If are a normal archaeologist you have no way of understanding it. In fact most of present day archaeologists in Iran have no knowledge of Astrology and so cannot understand the mindset of old Iran.

The ancients were sending a message across time. The message was that they knew when there was an alignment of the Sun in Taurus. It was not just any old alignment. It was an important celestial event. It was the beginning of the Age of Taurus and the first Knowrooz (Nowrooz) of that era. Iran is that old, some 5000 years old.

We know that Persepolis was built on the older holy site of Parseh. And Darius who was not of the same blood line of Cyrus used the tools of statehood to unite the glory of Iran with all sorts of cultural symbolism. He used universal principles to make world's first Empire. Units of measurements and standards were created. Government and institutions were created to administer a vast Empire never seen before on Earth.

That is the power of practical Ordibehesht. That is why it is one of the highest in the ancient Zoroastrian order of prayers. Most Zoroastrian priests do not know what Ordibehesht means as they blindly recite the Zend Avesta. The order begins with Ohrmazd or the highest wisdom or Jupiter, then Bahman or Aquarius which stands for universal brotherhood and then it is Ordibehesht or Taurus. The third day of Iranian calendar is Ordibehesht. It is based on Astrology not religion. I nearly always get this illimination when we have the Moon in Ordibehesht or Taurus.

Oh. .. I did get carried away with all that.


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