Astrology of Sun in Amordad or Leo and Moon in Shahrivar or Virgo 2012.


Astrology of Sun in Amordad or Leo and Moon in Shahrivar or Virgo 2012.
by alimostofi

Astrology of Sun in Amordad or Leo and Moon in Shahrivar or Virgo 2012.


About seven hours ago the Moon went from Amordad to Sharivar. As you all know, this happens every month.

As you know, I have shown you where the planets are, and how it is different every time around. Now tell me yourself, why it should be such a big deal to a billion people, who call themselves Moslems to have Ramadan now?

You all know now what the planetary changes are. They are not that different, to warrant a whole religious doctorine to be built around it. That is my point. We astrologers look at the various energies associated with all aspects of life, and then correlate them to the movement of the stars. That's our business, not some whateva priest.

When is it best to fast? When is it best to be selfless and put others first? The energy for that is Esfand or Pisces. Esfandarmarzi, is a whole doctorine in ancient Iranian, or really before that, in the Indo-European culture.

We are not in Pisces at the moment. In fact the Moslem calendar is lunar. So it is rarely in Pisces or Esfand. Yes we have a couple of days in each month when the Moon is in Esfand.

But right now it is the opposite. The Moon is in Sharivar or Virgo. I am not making this up. It is maths. Dare I say this in Qom? Lol. I would lunch meat for the dogs.

Thank goodness I am outside Iran and can rekindle old Iranian culture. We wait for the right moment when people will change. Ya Ahuramazda.

Anyway, enough of that. So what's going on guys?  Check out the nitty gritty time folks. Yes, it is that time of the month to get down to detail. That is why I am going into detail.

If your week-end is on Saturdays and Sundays, then the practical thing to do, is to tidy up the parts of the house that you have forgotten to do for a while.

Go into the back of the drawers. Get the vacuum cleaner's nozzel out, and really get into the hard to reach areas. Or go out and do some health shopping. Or get a new efficiency system for the home office. Throw out the old filing cabinet. If you got any manual labour stuff to do, do it now. Love knitting, now is the time.

All that really detailed, precise control with the fingers - that is what Virgo or Sharivar rules. So don't discuss religion or philosophy or some abstract nonsense. You will get stuck on some absurd detail forever. Be practical. Deal with detailed Earthly matters.

Just to recap what the other planets are doing look at the chart. You will see a planet in one of the signs. Look for example at Venus. You all know what the symbol for a woman is. That is Venus. It is in Cancer or Tir. Look at the number next to it. Now if you are Iranian you know what ninth of Tir means. It is the ninth day of the month of Tir. Guess what? Venus is there now.

So with Iranian calendar you can see exactly where the planets are with respect to your date of birth. It is easy. It is the best and most accurate in the world. Yes it is. Oh yeah!

Those people born around ninth of Tir will be able to be very lucky in love. They will be very receptive to many pleasures. Oh yeah baby! But it is not just them. If you are born a 30 60 120 days from ninth of Tir you will benefit too. Go for it man. Let's rock!

This is what astrology is. We look at the planets and the angles and make the prediction. It is simple. I could list the meanings for all of those planets but you can do it too. Here are the obvious ones.

Look at Jupiter. It gives you luck if you are a Khordad born around 12th. Or Libra or Mehr around 12th or Aquarius or Bahman around 12th.

Look at Saturn. It makes you work hard and plan for the long term if you are born around 26th of Mehr.

Look at Pluto. It disrupts. It is in Capricorn or 7th of Day Mah. So anyone born then is going mad disrupting things.

Uranus is rocking Aries. Wild days for those guys and gals born near the beginning of Farvardin. They will be impossible and really eccentric.

Now we all have our own horoscope chart. So parts of our chart will be influenced by all of this. You need to find out where the planets were when you were born. Just google this phrase "free natal chart". You need the time date and place of your birth and the online computer will work it all out. Any problems let me know.

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