Astrology of Sun and Moon in Aban or Scorpio 2012.

Astrology of Sun and Moon in Aban or Scorpio 2012.
by alimostofi

Astrology of Sun and Moon in Aban or Scorpio 2012.


The Moon just entered Aban and it will be aligned with the Sun in a couple of days. You might think that it is not that big of a deal, as it happens every four weeks. Well one billion people in India think that this particular New Moon is very special. The Chinese look at the New Moon in Bahman in three months time. Two huge civilizations and no real logical reason why they use such dates for the beginning of a year.

As is customary make a wish in a couple if days and it will come true on the Full Moon.  This New Moon is a solar eclipse passing over pacific. If it is your birthday on New Moon then a massive new beginning is coming if not already. If your birthday is on the Full Moon then change of residence or marriage.

Anyway the Moon starts off with a conjuction with Saturn. So right now all aspects of business are very important. As we are talking Aban you need to deal with secret private matters. Anything to do with join assets is favoured. Thinking about borrowing money? Now is the time. Also the angles to Neptune are good so the art business is favoured.

The other planets are all as they we were a couple of days ago. Mars is energizing any field to do with research and travel. Sagittarians, Aries, Leo will be seriously motivated.

Venus in Libra helps all sorts of partnerships and Geminis and Aquarians will benefit as well.

As before make sure you double check your appointments as Mercury is retrograde. For the week it is a positive high energy week as my stock market report shows. Look at //


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