Astrology of Sun in Mehr or Libra, Moon in Farvardin or Aries 2012


Astrology of Sun in Mehr or Libra, Moon in Farvardin or Aries 2012
by alimostofi

Astrology of Sun in Mehr or Libra, Moon in Farvardin or Aries 2012.


In about an hour, the Moon will go from Esfand or Pisces, to Farvardin or Aries. In Esfand we all reflect. We all dream. We forgive and beg forgiveness. We need to deal with issues, that we had sub-consciously swept under the carpet. All those little niggily annoying issues, have now being washed away by the pure waters. Sepandarmarzi has been done.

Well now that you have dealt with all that, you have cleared your mind, and your conscious is clear. You know who you are, and you can put one foot forward, and move on. Act first. Don't think, just do it. There will no longer be any sub-conscious issue. There will no longer be any niggly annoying issue. You will know who you are and feel real in the here and now. You are a conscientious person. You can act. That is what Farvardin or Aries energy is. It is the beginning, and it starts with "I am".

Look at the position of the planets. Look outside tonight. A glorious Full Moon. In the chart you will see it is opposite the Sun and conjunct with Uranus. Uranus deals with advanced connections. It deals with your network and progressive thought. So deal with new contacts. Get new technology. Be a lightning force. As it makes a 90 to Pluto, go and hit that boss right where it hurts. Tell him who you are. Strike first and ask questions later. Show you are a person who can really stand out. And of course the Sun in Mehr migheh "khahesh mikonam kootah beya". You must say "nakheyr Man injoori mekham". And that's the crux of it.

All those awkward love matters are gone. No more catch-22s. Don't ponder on love. Act on love. Get that unique love, and make love happen. Just think about the number one person alive in this world. You both exist. Feel alive. So find out from your actions. Don't wait. It's an electrifying moment. Seize the moment.  Once you know what you are through your actions, you ready for the next step.


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And if it is your birthday around this full moon then expect big changes like move home marriage change job.

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