Astrology of Sun in Shahrivar or Virgo and Moon in Aban or Scorpio 2012.


Astrology of Sun in Shahrivar or Virgo and Moon in Aban or Scorpio 2012.
by alimostofi

Astrology of Sun in Shahrivar or Virgo and Moon in Aban or Scorpio. Mars in Scorpio 2012.


Around breakfast in UK we had the Moon go to Aban or Scorpio. Notice in Persian we use a word that is the same as water. Water deals feelings, emotion, and the passion that binds all of us.

Water crosses all boundaries, and permeates deeply. We all know how deeply secretive Aban or Scorpio is. This is the regenerative force, or conversely the destructive force. So it is quite potent. It is also very precise.

And talking about precision, welcome to the world of Shahrivar or Virgo. If you look at the Zodiac wheel, you will see that it actually shows the Sun in 29 degrees Leo. So at a precise time, just like Sal-e-tahvil, when the Sun enters Farvardin or Aries, this time of the year the Sun enters Shahrivar or Virgo.

So the Iranian calendar has every month in sync with the various constellations. It is extremely accurate, and it is our proud contribution to world culture. Many Iranians wrote a lot and it all got burnt when Koranic Law wiped out our libraries. But that deep passion is there. Aban has brought a lot of that back to the surface. Much more will appear in the course of time.

You say, "baba four weeks ago we had Moon in Aban va engadr nagofti". Ah, well this time, in da'feh, we have something else happening. Look at the horoscope wheel again. Find Mars. It is just about to finish Mehr or Libra and go to Aban or Scorpio. Mars is that part of our lives dealing with action and individualism. The "man side", to be childish about it- it's the less thinking first, more action first side of us.

Mars in Aban or Scorpio, combines that action with Aban passion and deep forces. Nothing is destroyed or created. Everything changes. It all breaks down to the waters and it all comes out of it. You probably read about the Phoenix rising from the ashes. That is what I am talking about.

There you have it. We are going to go through quite a lot of serious digging and bringing out all the deeply set spiritual forces. In practical terms look at what real joint assets you have. Look at your loans. Look at any tax issues. Find partners in business. Create deep bonds.

Yes physical attraction is there. Heck, ajaba, look at the most attractive people who are born in Aban or Scorpio. So even though we are not in the month of Aban, a lot of that energy will be around. I have written a lot on the Mars in Scorpio or Shahrivar background in this report.

Briefly then. In the next couple of days, with the Moon in Scorpio, be careful not to give away too many secrets. And also get secrets from people who might be hiding info.

Shahrivar or Virgos think secretively and passionately about logical connections. This is the month when we need to consider simple short connections, that take us from one thought to the next. Everything needs to be justifiable and reasonable. We need to be efficient and clean. Shahrivar throws out rubbish.

No generalizations or vague dellusionary thoughts. Be boring and dry. Yes Shahrivar is very modest, but gets the job done in the tinniest detail. They run the world. That is why in Persian we say Shahr (town) rivar (make it flow like river). Believe me I know them. Pain in the (never mind) for me as I am the opposite. Love you Sharivars - really I do. We do. You do all the hard work whilst we all just talk. Ah bless.



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