Astrology of Sun in Shahrivar or Virgo and Moon in Day or Capricorn 2012.


Astrology of Sun in Shahrivar or Virgo and Moon in Day or Capricorn 2012.
by alimostofi

Astrology of Sun in Shahrivar or Virgo and Moon in Day or Capricorn 2012.


This report is for Iranians who have lost touch with what was part of their every day lives. Well before Islam and Chrisrianity, the Indo-Europeans in Iran measured time very closely. They lived for life and heaven was on Earth.

Society was run according to a great respect of a holy calendar. The word Day in English comes from Day mah. Look at the glyph for Capricorn and if turned and flipped will read day in Persian. The word Day and Din and Deity and Deus are all related to a different concept of truth.

As I write, the Moon has gone from being in the constellation of Azar of Sagittarius to Day or Capricorn. Enough researching and trying to find a meaning in life. Now is the time to be seriously practical. Think long term. But think about changing the long term. Think of what you can do to improve your future in practical social way. It is the Good Deeds in Zoroastrianism.

Look at where Mars is and where Sun are in the chart. They are making great angles to Pluto. The Moon is now approaching Pluto. But what does it really mean?

Pluto deals with all those unexpected almost explosive surprises. Capricorn or Day deals with society and not family. It deals with your outlook. Your responsibilites in the long term. A lot of old society structures have been wiped out, as Pluto has been slowly going through Capricorn or Day mah, as we say in Persian. Revolutions all across North Africa and Middle East.

As said, Mars and Sun are making some really good angles to Pluto. Sun in Shahrivar means that doing any hard work to radically change your future will pay off. Mars in Aban will really be able to get that hard work from deep down.

You want to fire some people at work, or reorganise the work place, do it. Want to walk out of you job, or get a new loan, do it. Just think about the long term implications. That is what Moon in Day means. Be practical. Be socially correct.

Be polished. Be the society person. On the funny side women with good legs, flaunt them. Climb the social ladder. Get to the top. Shake some managers. This is a rare moment to plan your distant future, and do not care for anyone or anything in your way. Don't bother with home personal or love matters. It is time for business. Be professional for the next few days.


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