Astrology of Sun in Shahrivar or Virgo, Moon in Mehr 2012.


by alimostofi

Astrology of Sun in Shahrivar or Virgo, Moon in Mehr 2012.


The Moon will soon move from Shahrivar to Mehr. In a week the Sun will go to Mehr as well. We Iranians, are famous for our writings on Love. Our literature is the greatest because what Iranians have written in Persian. I have explained a lot this time. It is required reading. So get a comfortable chair.

I was born in Teheran but raised abroad. My heart is Persian. I say that, because the bond that brings people together forms a social bond. A social bond is cultural. Even if you and your loved ones were the first on an island, you will create a cultural norm, as others will follow you.

What Persian I know is from a retired Englishman, who used to visit me when I was a boarder at Wellington College in Berkshire in 70's. Professor or Reverend Sharp had taught and deciphered Cuneiform in Pahlavi University, loved Iran and I learnt to love Iran from him - an Englishman. Love permeates the physical, no matter what. It creates its own culture of words that binds that thought or culture. Writing was invented in southwest Iran. It was necessary to create a timeless record. All languages are derived from Proto-Elamite. Humans might have come from Africa, but culture is rooted in Iran.

We can all see and feel love in any shape or form, be it natural, or even unnatural, that's how powerful it is. I personally feel the pain and know that it's real love. How unnatural can you get from that. Maskhareh Bazieh! But it is so true. I cannot just cut it out. I cannot say it is pain and so it is bad. Painful love is good. "I love you", might sound worn out, but the underlying feeling is fresh every time.

Adele puts it well:


So why am I saying this now?
As you know, I mentioned last week, that Venus and Mars were making an angle that highlighted challenges. Look at all the troubles that have suddenly sprouted all over the world. Venus (culture) at loggerheads with Mars (individualism). Here is a personal experience. You know I believe in coincidences. My heart pounded the other day, and I had a lump in my throat, when I saw this lady crying on the phone, "I just don't know I can trust you". It was (can't describe it), I don't know what it was. It just was. Here I had just written about it, and bang, out of nowhere I had to witness something I just can't ...

Now did you notice something just then? You were waiting for words for me to explain it. I didn't have it, but you felt it. It connected to you. Hmm yes. It permeates. Seeps in. Weeps in.

As if Mars and Venus weren't bad enough, we have Moon now and later Sun giving us love challenges. Be ready to either weep or wake up to love. Either go out there and build or renew that love, or have your heart become really, I mean really ... "vaghe'an" heavy. You will notice it, when you really feel different to that same love song, that had not effected you before. So something has changed inside you ... the universal you. You are a child of the universe.

The reason is this. That, not only the Moon at the moment, but also Mercury and the Sun will line up against Uranus and Pluto. Look at the Zodiac wheel. That is the energy that is going to go through all of us. Use it. Don't think you can just shut yourself out, like you do when Farvardin energy is there. You can't. All the angles are the types that push cooperation. So go and sell. Go and make a new deal. Build bonds. Break and build them again.

This energy is the line that connects. It is not the dot, if you are mathematically minded. It is the Khodavand, not the Khoda. In ancient Iranian thought, we have a dualism between the person and the bonds. In English you say God, which is from the Dutch "Khod", which is from "Khoda" in West Asia. But the Europeans missed the bit about the bond. So they do not see it as dualism. They idolize the single and so we have the personal ideal worship, religion etc etc. I won't go into all that now.

So what do you have to do now then? Don't just sit there and be on your own. Even if you are on your own, smile when you are out. The energy will through to the other person and they will smile back.

If you shut yourself out of the world, you will feel the flow in your guts. You will try to block it. You will then fall in love with some drug or booze or or or or. Hafez says fall in love with wine. This very fundamental concept is again alive after all the horrible invasions, and flowed through Hafez in 14th Century AD. No one has ever written with such words at that time on Earth. The oral tradition is timeless.

Here is Ghazal one:

0 Saki, bring around the cup of wine and then offer it to me,
for love seemed easy at first, but then grew difficult.
Flooded with their heart's blood are those who wait for the scent
that the dawn wind may spill from her dark, musky curls.

Stain your prayer mat with wine if the Magus tells you to,
for such a traveller knows the road, and the customs of its stations.

What security is there for us here in her caravanserai
when every moment camel bells cry, "Pack up the loads!"?

The dark night, the fear of waves, the terrifying whirlpool,
how can they know of our state, those who go lightly along the shore?

In the end, my life has drawn me from self-concem to ill-repute.
How long can the secret of our assemblies stay hidden?

Hafiz, if you desire her presence, pay attention.
When you find the one you seek, abandon the world and let it go.

Hafez and all those Sufis came around and repackaged what had been in hearts from Kianian and Pishdadian times (ten tousand years BC), as a major festival for Love. The oral tradition goes back to the last galactic alignment some 20,000 years ago. So as Iranians would spend the last moments of summer preparing for the long winter, other cultures with inferior calendars learnt from us. Later when Iran was destroyed, the traditions remained. But they forgot to give Iranian Astrologers any credit for it.

Many non Astrologically minded Zoroastrians got the calendars wrong, and they are still wrong. Look at the position of the Sun in the wheel above, and see for yourself. Anyway, slowly as the measuring instruments got better, people like Omar Khayyam sorted it all out again. And he gets all the credit for work that was done thousands of years before him, by the forefathers of Jamasp. Astrologers have always been despised by religious weirdos in Iran. That is why I am stuck in UK. Thank you UK.

With Islam around, no one dared, go back to the old festivals.. But it spread, it had to, people needed the timing. But they called it Love. Islam was pacified in a way, and was softened with the works of Iranian mystics. Same happened to other religions. Romans called it Mithras, which is Mehr in Latin. Later, Christian farmers would refer to it as a Pagan ritual. But that Pagan ritual was copied from West Asian or Caspian cultures which was mostly Iranian. Go to Armenia and they were the first Christians, and to date have not given one ounce of credit to Mehregan. If you are in the US you know it as Thanksgiving. So tell your American friends the true story of Thanksgiving, but change the date. It is way out of line.

Mehregan is actually the other Equinox that we in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth call Autumn Equinox. Calendars of Ancient Iran were based on Stone Circles like Stonehenge or the most authentic one of them in Iran, The Throne of Solomon. We counted down the approach of Mehregan that took place at first of Mehr.

Throne of Solomon, Takhte Suleiman, Takhte Tagdis, Iran.


At the beginning it was the time to share, or Mehrvarzi. The concept was simple. The farmers would share all their produce to make it through the long cold season. That is what Mehr means, and we are in the last ten days for it. So prepare to be fair and share. Forget yourself.

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