Astrology of Sun in Tir or Cancer, Moon in Farvardin or Aries 2012

by alimostofi

Astrology of Sun in Tir or Cancer, Moon in Farvardin or Aries 2012


For another ten hours the Moon will still be in Esfand or Pisces. For two days the feelings of selflessness, solitude, reaching out to nature and all things unexplainable was easy. You unwound.

Well I have news for you. It's action stations when Moon moves into Farvardin or Aries. You are at the starters gates. It will be like the 100 meters dash in the Olympics. Like a Bat out of hell. How many more cliches do you want?

The reason that I am telling you now is so that you can surf this big waves as it is getting ready to build up and roll. I used to put videos of all this but you should know the mood now. Reach out and explore to find that long term personal goal.

This time though we have the Moon not only connecting electrifying Uranus, but being opposite to Mars in Libra. Later on in a couple of days it squares up with the Sun in what is called the last quarter. So go for that long term career plan and try to reflect on the past. It will be tough. So plan now.

The Sun is still getting closer to Saturn and all those legal matters will be highlighted in a couple of days.  So your work is cut out for you. No time to think. Red Alert! Go for it. Punch hard. Into sport? Break a leg. Push the boundaries. Argue your point. Be first. Don't cut yourself with knife. Check the electrics. Woosh! Crash Bang Whallop!

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