Atomic Cherto Pert

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"The threat of atoms in Iran is real," said Chertoff, showing reporters an empty vial to illustrate his point. "Even as we speak, Iranians are turning millions of carbon atoms into a powerful energy source they can use to strengthen their armies, pilots, president, and someday perhaps, a team of nuclear physicists."


Maskhareh bazieh?


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Must read the new proposal

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NEW YORK, 22 February 2008 -- The Iranian Parliament is considering legislation that would institutionalize a series of gross human rights
violations, affecting many even outside of Iran.
Of greatest concern is a section that would mandate the death penalty for anyone who converts from Islam to another religion, a provision that would affect Baha'is, Christians, Jews, and others.
The proposed law also would extend the government's reach over alleged security violations outside the country, give legal effect to discriminatory practices already in wide use, and redefine a series of "religious" and other crimes so vaguely as to place in jeopardy virtually any group facing government disapproval.

"If adopted, the code will permit the government and the clergy to act with impunity against Iran's citizens on the sole basis of their religious
affiliation,". "This is not only an affront to the people of Iran; it is an offense to all who seek to uphold fundamental human rights."

The new section on religious conversion -- defined as apostasy -- is especially severe, in that its language mandates the death penalty for anyone
who converts from Islam to another religion and does not immediately recant.

"The text uses the word Hadd, meaning that it explicitly sets death as a fixed
punishment that cannot be changed, reduced or annulled,". "In the past, the death penalty has been handed down -- and also carried out -- in
apostasy cases, but it has never before been set down in law.

"The law also extends to naming as apostate any follower of a religion other
than Islam who had ONE PARENT who was a Muslim at the time of his or her conception. Thus, for instance, the CHILD of a Muslim and a Christian who
chooses to adopt the Christian faith would be considered an apostate under the terms of the law and therefore subject to EXECUTION,".

Another troubling section of the proposed code would extend "security" laws OUTSIDE OF THE COUNTRY, exposing those outside Iran to the government's reach.

"Iran is apparently not content with targeting those it considers its opponents only within its borders," THE Article 112 of the proposed code refers to actions "against the government, the independence and
the internal and external security of the country."

"Since the notion of 'security' is not defined in the law, any action can be qualified as such,".

The code's vagueness with respect to "offending the sacred" and other crimes would give the government free license to act against any group it disapproves
of. "The code includes articles that refer to the commission of unspecified crimes or felonies, as well as articles referring to those guilty of
'corruption and mischief on the earth,'" she said.

"It would also institute capital punishment for anyone who 'INSULTS THE PROPHET,'"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Such provisions place many groups, On extremely vulnerable position, since an 'insult' to the Prophet can be defined in almost any context, especially where religious belief is concerned."


Around 200 Aryashahr

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Around 200 Aryashahr residents in Tehran reacted angrily, after a girl who was stopped by the Islamic Guidance units for inappropriate Hejab, resisted arrest. The Guidance units started beating up the young girl when she started resisting arrest and their brutality stirred the crowds who came to the girl's rescue.

Islamic Guidance units, faced with angry protests, drove away from the scene in a hurry, forgetting to take one of their colleagues, who was duly set on by the angry protesters. As the crowds got bigger and bigger, they started shouting "Islamic Government, We don't want, we don't want" which can be clearly heard on the youtube clip.

Watch the people spontaneously shout "Islamic Government, We don't want, we don't want"



Good one Seyyed Ali!

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For a change you posted somethin nice!