Ayatollah Sandy hits US and US's Earthquake hits Iran


by alimostofi

The U.S. Election's Iranian-American Vote: What's It Look Like? - Golnaz Esfandiari - The Atlantic:



US Military is getting a tan
If the Ayatollahs had attacked New York, the US military machine would have flattened Qom by now. The US national security would have been threatened, and ironically New York would have been sorted out by now, by their military forces, and not the civilian forces. But where are they? Not it the US. They are sun-bathing in the Persian Gulf.

50% of US population
As it stands, millions in US, are still without basic infrastructure, that any EU country would have provided, because their national infrastructure is well funded by higher taxes. By the way, EU is the same size as US. 50% of the US population do not pay taxes and you can see how underfunded the civilian forces are. They cannot sort out the mess left behind in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Just look at what Facebook reports by people are producing for all to see. Citizen journalism is revealing the real truth. It really saddens me to see money, not going out of shares, into people's welfare.In fact my astrology report on the markets predicted that the markets will decline, even if the US Jobs report was good, and the markets did fall.

No more Waterloos
When 911 hit US, it was a blessing in disguise for the US military procurement business. In fact, it was a boon to the whole private security businesses. In many respects, the world is now a world which is not run by conventional military warfare we are all used to seeing. No more Waterloos, with Generals in the field. Marches are in the streets, controlled from Facebook. Look at how Facebook changed the face of North Africa. The same is true for the Ayatollahs. If there is an Earthquake, the Ayatollahs cannot blame the US and get people's blessing. They have to think about the needs of the people outside the realm of politics. Again their reporters cannot win against Iranians on Facebook.

Lost votes
Like the two heads on that snake, Iran is besieged by a two pronged attack. The US military and the Ayatollah military, need to be constantly fed by the right sort of news, to get money from their people. It does not matter who gets elected in the US. But surely both Romney and Obama would be thinking, if all this devastation had been done by some man made external force, like 911, then they could have used it to rally people around and get loads of votes. And the same will be true for the Ayatollahs, who cannot use future natural disasters for their own religious or political campaigns. The cosmos is very powerful and this is a warning to all. You are all very small and insignificant really in the larger scheme of things. And it is 2012.



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