The Ayatollahs are Nothing


by alimostofi

The list below just about covers all the big boys that are behind the Ayatollahs.

Following are industry estimates of Iran's export volumes bycustomer. Volumes are in thousand bpd, figures in brackets arefrom 2010, other figures are updated with 2011 deals. Indianfigures are subject to continuing negotiations.CUSTOMER VOLUME ASIA CUSTOMER VOLUME EUROPEZhuhai Zhenrong (China) 240 Tupras (Turkey) (63)Sinopec (China) 220 Cepsa (Spain)* 25MRPL (India) 150 Hellenic (Greece) (60)Essar Oil (India) 160 Italy, including ENI 220Nippon Oil (Japan) (120) Repsol (Spain) (80)SK Energy (S. Korea) 120 Petrogal (Portugal) (10)Hyundai Oilbank (S. Korea) 70 Showa Shell (Japan) 82 JX (Japan) 53 Toyota Tsushu (Japan) 50 Cosmo Oil (Japan) (45) Japan Energy (Japan) (75) HPCL (India) (60) Mitsui (Japan) (15)Mitsubishi (Japan) (35) Itochu (Japan) (5) 

BPCL (India) (5) Kanematsu (Japan) (15) 


I got this from here:


So what do we do about it?  It is really easy.  Look at the companies that are benefiting from the oil trade to China. They are the folks who make the stuff in China and ship it to US.  The biggest one is called Wal-Mart.  So if the Ayatollahs' trade with China dried up, then the Chinese would have to get more expensive oil from somewhere else.  That's what's on the cards.  The Bush oil and military lobby did not like this.  Let me explain.

The US military needs a threat to turn around and tell every tax payer in the US, "hey we keep the peace, and look at those weirdo Iranians etc etc".  They used to say the same sentence, but they used to say "those wacky Communists in USSR" instead. So the Ayatollahs are their friends. When "Axis of Evil" speech was made, it benefitted the arms companies.

The oil companies wanted to own a lot of oil, but most of it was in expensive areas.  So getting the oil price higher, is good for them too.  When the French sent that Trojan horse in the name of democracy to Iran with Air France almost thirty two years ago to the day, they knew Khomeini would sucker all the Iranians to die for Iran in war with Saddam and raise the price of oil.

But the real war Iranians were losing, was the heritage of Iran, as the Ayatollahs changed the name of every thing from an Iranian to an Islamic version.  So as the war front continued and the soldiers were on the border, the Ayatollahs were busy with their back door Trojan in all aspects of Iranian culture.  They never had to worry about a coup as the soldiers were busy elsewhere.

My dad's generation wrote letters to The Times and BBC, but they ignore it all as they accepted the Ayatollahs as representatives of Iran.  For a long time the US traded directly with a lot of traders in Iran.  I screamed and shouted on all the forums as the internet grew, and we could speak.  Now they can't.  They call them Islamic regime, and we are winning.  But some are helping them and they are listed above.

Cut them out, and the Ayatollahs are nothing.


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by alx1711 on

we will rise again pride and Islamic invasion of Iran will rot away...

Ahura will rise again and rid of Tazies and Islam since their earlly invasion. 

No more Mullahs

No more Islam

No more Tazies (arabs) in Iran



Great Post Mostofi

by masoudA on

Long time?

It's a long and depressing war - but we will win at the end.   I would not have said this 10 years ago - but 911 changed everything.  It was a wake up call for the whole world not to put "Profit" ahead of everything.