A big if


by alimostofi

"The resolution clearly states that if Iran agrees with the six powers' proposals, direct negotiations will start to settle all issues related to the Iranian nuclear program, and all the six powers, including the United States, will be involved in these direct talks," Lavrov told Russian journalists following six-power talks in Berlin on Wednesday.


That's a big if. But it would be the first time that the Seyyeds will be given the kind of respect they want. How arrogant and uncomprimising will become apparrent. The Foreign Ministry has always been the most accomodative of all the various camps. But the IRGC is running the show, and they know that if they give in, then they have to answer to their Mahdi, as and when he pops around.

But the Iranian Opposition has not formed a provisional government in exile, and will not be able to represent Iran - the true Iranians. And the silent majority of Iranians who are humble and non violent, have to suffer, as our oil income is used for making the bomb for Seyyed's Mahdi. But the real Iranians are able to still ignore the Seyyeds and any fake rapproachment will get the nations interest. And that has been the only area where the people had paid some attention to the Seyyeds. But as soon as they put it all in the Islamic context and the Iranians will switch off. The Seyyeds lost the hearts and minds of the Iranian nation a long time ago. People look at them as strangers - unwelcomed strangers at that.

So the best scenario for Seyyeds would be the scenario that buys time. In the mean time there will the Seyyeds' bogus elections. But the IRGC fanatics will give a quick rebuff, and their rubber boat tactics will be of course just what the UNSC would expect. At that point there will be no chance for a more complacent President to replace Ahmadinejad. So if the Seyyeds can hold back the maddest elements of their people, then they will be able to get some new person elected; that would not be so foul mouthed and be able smooth talk the UNSC and buy time. And the people of Iran are having to cope with the devils they know than the devils they do not know.


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by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Hier are his words, please acknowledge:No hard-hitting sanctions on Iran'
Wed, 23 Jan 2008 16:55:52
Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov
Russia's foreign minister says no strong economic sanctions will be slapped on Iran over the country's nuclear standoff with the West.

Sergei Lavrov has recently stated that the draft UN Security Council resolution agreed to be imposed on Tehran's nuclear program in Berlin will not seriously harm Iran.

"The text in the form in which it was agreed and discussed yesterday in Berlin absolutely corresponds to our collective work on Iran," Lavrov told a news conference on Wednesday.

"It welcomes the progress made between Iran and the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) ... The measures in this draft do not have a tough sanctioning character," he affirmed.

Washington accuses Iran of pursuing a nuclear arms program and vocally advocates tough punitive measures against the country.

Tehran, however, says its nuclear program is in line with the regulations of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Lavrov concluded that the new draft resolution on Iran would be introduced to the UN Security Council by its three co-authors, Germany, France and Britain.