Blackberry vs Theocrats/Seyyeds


by alimostofi

Here I am munching away my Ricicles with my right hand, and reading articles on the internet, being an info junk maniac that I am, with my left thumb on my Blackberry Bold.

I am reading this article in WSJ:


Which quotes Netanyahu:

"I don't think Israel can accept an Iranian terror base next to its major cities any more than the United States could accept an al Qaeda base next to New York City."

And it makes me think of various things immediately, and I put my spoon down, and go to two thumb mode to respond to it, and "get it off my chest" as it were.

I can now see why we Iranians, stuck outside, since the Shahanshah Aryamehr got sick and died, have not been able to get rid of these morally deficient Theocrats/Seyyeds, so easily. Every time there is a good criticism of the Theocrats/Seyyeds, it is from the Israeli right wing.

No one else gets the world press to write about the nasty things the Theocrats/Seyyeds are doing to the ordinary secular Iranians. The most the world will ever hear about it, is on site like this one, and with all due respect, "Joe Bloggs" never reads stuff on this site. So the public opinion in "The West" looks things through Israel or Palestinian eyes, and not through Iranian Nationalists' eyes.

So we Iranian Nationalists, that do not like politics or religion, but rather view culture as the overwhelming imperative, are really "cheesed off" when we see a foreigner as the only person being broadcasted over the media. And in that respect it does no credit to us. The Islamists' antithesis are the Israelis, and the fanatical Seyyeds' antithesis is a bloke like Netanyahu.

What we need is our own Nationalists claiming a legitimate right to Iran, and be the real speakers of Iran, and then get the ear of the world press, and take on the illegal Theocrats/Seyyeds properly.

I don't want to read in the Wall Street Journal what is good for Iran, from an Israeli right wing. That makes us Nationalists look stupid. I am not kidding. Go to the forums and see for yourself how many people who are Theocrats equate us lot with Zionists. It is maddening.

So there we are. But at least I can get it all out through my BB and be happy that maybe one day, it will all change. Ya Ahura it will.


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