Blame the press for Iran

by alimostofi

I was just reading this:

So if we can’t stop Iran from going nuclear, and we don’t have the power to change the regime, and negotiations and sanctions are likely to prove ineffectual, where does that leave us? Look in front of you. There’s a big rock in the road. Now look behind. That’s a hard place.


And could not really understand how stupid some people really are.

Of course we can change Iran. We can do it if the world press wrote about the threat non-violent general strikes. We need the people to realise how to threaten the theocrats with general strikes.

But the world press does not write about it on purpose, because they want the theocrats to carry doing what they are doing.

I blame the press.


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Real criminal

by delldaar on

Real mid east criminals are IRI and their supporters, murderes of thousand innocent young Iranian brothers and sisters, Paletinian and Israelies problem are theirs and they should deal with it ,we have our own problem to worry about.


Press has been busy hiding Israeli crimes

by Mehdi on

It's a lot of lying and hiding of facts in order to make it look like Israel is the victim in this massacre. So you have to be understanding. The Zionist-controlled press is very busy. Please forgive them. They will get back to demonizing IRI and distracting attention from real Middle East criminals soon. Thanks for your patience in advance.