Blare horn

by alimostofi

"This ideology now has a state, Iran, that is prepared to back and finance terror in the pursuit of destabilising countries whose people wish to live in peace." See link:  //,,2195043,00...

So why wasn't Tony Blair making such punchy statements last year?
Blair dared not say such things, when we had the boat hostage situation
did we. We now have the UK government openly critisizing the US in

But more importantly, they let the Seyyeds' men creep into
Basra, and inflitrate the forces. Ask any modern Iranian, and they
will tell you that the Brits are behind the Seyyeds. So what in the
world is he going on about?


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by Miz-abdol-azim khaneh Ghareeb (not verified) on

Why are you so upset with what he said about Brits running the shows in Iran? Are you IRI paid people abroad or do you have some reasons behind your anger?

Even if his family was fed by the British he is entitled to reform and you can not hold him hostage. After all your holy man who you will worship for the next 1400 years -Mr. Khomeini was fed by the British all his life. Read "Khandaneh Imam Khomeini" by Mr. Medhi Shamshiri.

British are ruling Iran. They are getting out of Iraq because they just signed a pact with the Americans that Iraq will soley a US zone of Interest and Iran will continue to be that of the British. Northern part of Iran is promised to Russians by the British.

Now, analize this.


Bazam zer zer kardi

by Goozidam beh halghet Seeyed Ali (not verified) on

Ali Seyyed why don't you piss off! You and your family were the first lackey of the Brits. Now that they have kicked you out for good due to being such incpompetent lackeys you are jealous and zer mizani. You were bad nokar that's why the old masters at BP decided your fate. Boy o boy and what a fate it was!


Brits are under you bed too

by fozolie on

Make sure you check under you bed tonight. 

Mr. Fozolie