Bush recognised Cyrus the Great

by alimostofi

President Bush has pointed out that when Cyrus the Great led the Iranian people more than two thousand years ago, he delivered one of the world’s first declarations of individual rights. Mr. Bush says that the U.S. looks forward to the day when the people of Iran enjoy “the full fruits of liberty” they deserve.


So why does he not help the forces on non violent regime change?


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Happy Birthday Ali

by Seyyed Hossein Nasr (not verified) on


SYH xxx



by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

because, well just acknowledge the following:
A Recession: The USA stand economically scarcely before the abyss. Also Europe feels the consequences, but less badly than in earlier crises.

Ex US central bank head Alan Greenspan Ex US central bank head Greenspan. Pressuressendingreader letter
Spaste-ends unemployment rates, because enterprises want to save their surviving into the bankruptcy schlittern or with massive job cancellations. Consumers, which can afford less. Applicants for the credit, who - suddenly without job - cannot pay their rates any longer. All belongs to a recession, thus to shrinking restaurant achievement. And exactly that becomes in the USA, the largest restaurant nation of the world, after well six years growth straight sad reality. In a globalisierten world Europe does not remain unaffected of it.

The number of the economists, who see black, becomes ever longer. Recently the Riege of the Unkenrufer Alan Greenspan joined. The former US central bank head meant opposite the barrier Street journalthat the US economy was already in a recession or at least close before it. "the signs for it are clear", said to the 81-jaehrige, which takes over a leading position shortly with the US Hedgefonds offerer Paulson.

A further sign gave it on Tuesday: The US retail trade communicated that it took less in December by 0,4 per cent than in November. And that, although the Christmas business normally provides for sounding cashes and rising conversions.
Recessions do not come according to Greenspan on the gentle art. it by the stock exchanges in front are usually taken. Also in the crisis 2001 the financial markets hurried ahead into the recession.

Not only at the stock exchanges it goes for weeks downhill. Also the view for the material economy becomes increasingly dark. The growth prognoses are revised downward in many states. In November the European Union commission had still assumed of Europe creates economics this year a plus of 2,2 per cent. Now one proceeds only from 1,8 per cent.

* "background: Citigroup brings 9.8 in billion dollar loss

Nose in front

Thus Europe has however still the nose before the United States. "the European economy will more rapidly grow this year and perhaps also next year than that one of the USA", means Christian helmet stone, chief economist of the combinationcombination combination. The Lisbon process, thus the efforts of Europe to act more competitively "helps with the fact that Europe von US-Krisen is met no longer so heavily", is helmet stone convinced.

And nevertheless applies: "the global uncertainties go at of Austria economics not without trace past", say the director of the Austrian central bank, Josef Christl. Growth will easily decrease/go back. The largest uncertainty proceeds from still hardly the assessable consequences of the US Immokrise. The OeNB market indicator proves a growth from 3,2 per cent for the fourth quarter 2007 to the period last year, for the first quarter of 2008 of 2,8 per cent. Exports remain also in the future the most important economic situation doing TZE.

Also in Germany, of Austria most important business partner, the pessimism increases. Kanzlerin Angela Merkel: "the world-economical surrounding field became more difficult." Professional investors and analyst do not evaluate the prospects for the German economy at present as negatively as since 15 years no more. One of the fears: That the consumers their expenditures limit.

this message comes from devils themselves, it is not from me. Greeting


Who writes Bush's statements?

by Kameron (not verified) on

So dubya suddenly recognizes Cyrus the Great. He probably didn't even know who he was until someone wrote that speech for him. God, get this idiot out of White House before he inflicts any more damage on the world.


The world needs to realize

by XerXes (not verified) on

I don't understand why the world has not noticed this amazing historical figure. A God like figure who many would worship if he killed for religion! But he never would...
Cyrus the Great was only a human, based on Humane ideology. He would have been a prophet today if he killed for religion! Freedom was Cyrus and Cyrus is the reason for us to believe that Humanity has a chance. I believe that he was more advance than today's American ideology.


You Iranians are so

by Anynomuos (not verified) on

You Iranians are so fortunate: You have two proud traditions that you can blend to create a rich and just culture.

Americans are stuck with perversions judaism and worship of the god of greed.

And Bush. We're stuck with Bush.
And the guilt of having caused the deaths of so many people in Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine.


Mitt Romney, The next President of Untied States will...

by BeShashBeIslam (not verified) on

implement the regime change in Iran... The mullahs and their supporters must die....


Bush is a Cyrus wanna be

by Mahmoud Ghaffari (not verified) on

Bush recognized Cyrus out of the necessity that he needs to somehow connect with the Iranians. He realizes his tactics in Iraq have failed and needs to bring the Persians closer to his side for his strategy to work. Although the only stratgey America has left is a complete regime change in Iran, which is supported by the majority of iranians inside and outside of Iran. The question is what is the method? I am a believer that a surgical attack on the nerve center of the Islamic reopublic will pack the Mullash running, and the good people of Perisa will do the rest from within.


The Iranians need to show

by alimostofi on

The Iranians need to show that they are non violent towards the Seyyeds. By doing that they will show that they have a higher moral order rooted in the Spirit of Iran that provided the Zend Avesta and that later inspired Cyrus the Great. 


Ali Mostofi




Bush is right.

by reedambeislam (not verified) on

Islam is wrong.


What does Islam got to do with it

by Alborzi (not verified) on

You never say Christianity killed most of the Jews in Germany or the genocide in Iraq , or Judaism means occupation.
These guys are creating islamophobia, most Moslems I know are great, trust worthy decent people.


this higher moral order

by irandoost5000 (not verified) on

Ali Mostofi,

This "higher moral order" that you speak of, does it RESEMBLE THE SHAH'S TIME:

1) alcohol freely flowing in the streets

2) People drinking alcohol openly in front of everyone (even the US doesn't allow that, but Shah did)

3) Women wearing less clothing, where we have role models for our youth like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton (during Shah's time we had that)

4) Adultery not only no longer punished if done in public (remember, in Islam, adultery can only be punished if 7 witnesses actually saw the ACT of fornication, and above the covers), but actually encouraged like in the West?

5) Characters like honesty and fair trade (in Islam) be replaced with capitalistic ideas such as "survival of the fittest" and laissez faire (as we see the Rafsanjanists promoting in Iran today)?

6) The Shah's SAVAK raped Ayatullah Taleqani daughter and forced him to watch. Is this your higher MORAL ORDER?

By the way, last time I checked, the most corrupt figures in the Islamic Republic are the white turban heads, which happen to be non-seyeds. People never called Khatami corrupt, but they call Rafsanjani corrupt.

And by calling them "seyeds", you are calling them your masters. It is kinda ironic.

By the way, I don't think an astrologer (who tells people fortunes for a profession) should even have any business in Iranian politics.

Why can't you just cash in your CIA check (I saw they are giving you guys $164,000 a YEAR these days) and leave Iran alone.

Or do the checks stop coming if they see you aren't actively posting on IRANIAN.COM?


Other points of view...

by Antibullshit (not verified) on

Also refer to :


Refreshing and provocative.

Javid Iran


  A higher, and more

by alimostofi on


A higher, and more powerful moral order will raise Iran out of the clenches of the Seyyeds. It will be done peacefully, and non violently.

Ali Mostofi




I prefer not to be subjugated by savage Islam.

by Irandokht (not verified) on

What has Islam given to us Iranians? Islam brought us nothing but misery and pain.

I prefer not to be subjugated by savage and backward Islam cult.


It suits his interests

by Alborzi (not verified) on

He had not even heard of Cyrus, probably one of those
neocons taught him that, you know one of those guys who can come up with unknown unknowns to justify the genocide in Iraq. Anyway as they say don't believe he has smelled Cyrus before, tell him to go watch rambo again.


Non violent is not only

by alimostofi on

Non violent is not only possible, it is happening.  Ask any women.  Fact is that, if the Seyyeds were confronted by certain questions, they would crumble.  I have asked the Seyyeds in public, "what can you do if the people of Iran began to believe in non violent general strike?".  They cannot answer.  They would crumble.  That's a fact.  But I am the only one who speaks out loud and clear about this.


I want more people to talk about Non Violent General Strike. I do not have authority. I am a nobody. But by Grace of Ahuramazda I want Iran to be free tomorrow. For the sake of Ahuramazda talk amongst yourselves of General Strike. Bring the Seyyeds into the conversations. Let them fail in the debate. It is the only way for simple regime change. 


Ali Mostofi




bush finds iran a threat

by islamdoost (not verified) on

Bush finds Iran the only power standing in its way for global domination, so its trying to convince the Iranian people to abandon Islam and become subjegated under the banner of imperaliasm and neo-colonialism.

Why else would Bush love cyrus the Great? Because it serves AMERICAS INTERESTS.




by MRX on

1) we don't know if non violent is possible.  These guys are bunch of thugs and murderers and will not hesitate killing millions if it means that they can survive some more time.

2) If the regime behaves and American get their share of free milk that seyeds provide to just about any body out there  except Iranian people, why would they want to get rid of them? remember what ex Turkish prime minister once said: " The opportunity that presents us now dealing with Iran, is an opportunity that may not repeat itself for a long time!" so there you have it, Gave be saheb ra hameh midooshand.