Castro, Gozilla and Monsters Inc.

by alimostofi

Cuban Missile Crisis Lessons for Iran


The Voice of America states, that Obama has same choices as John F Kennedy had, during the Cuban missile crisis.

Ask Castro, whether his mandate, was a lot stronger than the Ayatollahs, and he will agree.

Ask Castro, if the US media, treated his nation like Iranians are being treated now, and he will agree.

Unlike Castro, the Gozillas in Iran, are in a space-time capsule of their own.

Unlike Castro, the Gozillas in Iran, will not deal with Monsters Inc (US media).

The people of Iran, would never allow the Gozillas in Qom to press the button.

The people of Iran, can't stop the Monsters Inc, making a drama out of it, to satisfy their own electorate.




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Dr. Mohandes

Angolodolleh jaan

by Dr. Mohandes on

Sounds like a good idea to me bro:))


Sadam, Gasoila, & Occupiers Inc.

by Demo on

And if it was not for 'angoolaki' popping up on the 'recent comments' list, there was no way for this intruder to ever bother leaving a comment here, dumbfounded with comparing Iran with Cuba & not with Iraq!


DM jan there is a reason for everything

by anglophile on

As you aptly suggested parhaps I should have called myself Angoolakophile :))

Dr. Mohandes

Angoolaking again?

by Dr. Mohandes on

Anglophile jan

Could you go one day without angoolaking mr. mostofi?:))))

jesus will love more mr. anglophile ...



A little voice Mr Mostofi?

by anglophile on we go again.


Well spotted.

by alimostofi on

A: for once you are right. I will edit the original. Thanks. You know I did hear a little voice tell me. But I didn't listen.

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You mean Godzilla?

by anglophile on

Or is it another of your made up stories?