Christian Easter and Sizdehbedar are the same.


by alimostofi

Shock, horror on both sides. The Christians would never think so. Iranians are yet again bemused.

Let me explain the maths. Easter is calculated in a weird formula. Good Friday, and Easter Sunday are not based on a solar calendar day. Well, they sort of are. Ironically it is based on our Iranian New Year's day called Knowrooz (Nowruz).

Here we go. The formula is this. It is the first Sunday after the first Full Moon in Farvardin or Aries, or as the Bible states "The Equinox".

Now the Christians are going to get annoyed. Sorry but you use the phrase "after the Equinox". That is Knowrooz (Nowruz). Somehow the Christian priests in all their wisdom, do not seem to give the proper respect to the oldest, and the most accurate calendar system ever, and the meanings therein. I will explain why.

For now, let me take you to the main topic. Imagine that Knowrooz (Nowruz) or the Equinox, was on a new Moon on a Friday. Two weeks later would be the Full Moon or Sizdehbedar. So Easter and Sizdehbedar would be at the same time.

Now the correlations doesn't end there. Beyond the mathematical, there is the philosohical. In Sizdehbedar, as I wrote in my previous article, there is a profound expression on nature. Love, birth renewal are all the symbolisms found in Knowrooz (Nowruz). That Full Moon, I mentioned, would be in Libra the sign of Love. And what do Iranians do in Sizdehbedar? They tie knots of love.

So the only real difference, is that the Christians have a thing about it being after the Sunday after Full Moon in Farvardin or Aries. So let us look at that. Full Moon is always in Libra. If that falls on a Monday, then you have to wait for it for six days, and that would put it in Capricorn.

It means that the Christians always want the Moon to be either in Libra Scorpio (Aban) Sagittarius (Azar) or Capricorn (Day). These signs deal mostly with the sharing (Libra, Scorpio), moral and every pubilc (Capricorn), side of life.

Now the whole idea of Aries, the First House, or Knowrooz, is about the growth of the seed, and the self, respecting everything for what it is. The Haftseen respects the seven energies of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Animals, Plants and Humans. It is a the beginning of the circle of life. Each element has a distinct role that effects each and every bit of creation.

So there is a lot of common themes in both Easter and the Iranian Spring Festival. We both look at it as rebirth. For an Iranian it is a personal journey with nature with our Free Will. For the Christian there is a need to have it as a belief or moral order, without Free Will.


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Not 'every' question Mostofi - just one!

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  Don't indulge yourself in daydreams. LOL


Voltaire said: "He must be

by alimostofi on

Voltaire said:

"He must be very ignorant for he answers every question he is asked"

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Maths and Mostofi abhor one another

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Please Mostofi don't present this non scientific mumbo jumbo as maths and science. To start with you have comfortably ignored the Jewish calendar as well the Gregorian calendar and I know after this comment you will come with another salvo of mumbo jumbo. You failed to answer a simple maths question that I put to you two weeks ago:


Tell us what the meaning of "Saal Tahvil" is (astronomically not astrologically) and show us the calculation which results in: 05:14:27 GMT. "


and your answer:


"An: hey I went into space and got my measuring tape and sorted it out. lol."


I rest my case. 

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How about the colored eggs

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How about the colored eggs for both the Haft Seen Sofreh and Easter decorations?