by alimostofi

Byelines are quickest way to create public opinion it seems.  Is this seriously true?  We are led to believe that this is exactly what the Shiites have done in India.  Please read this article:


If that is the case, then why aren't the opposition groups doing this now?  Is it such a naive question to ask?  Why are we spending so much energy in creating our own websites and not just bribing the likes of AP and BBC, to create bylines?  Is it that hard?  After all we do have a moral cause.  At the end of the day everything has a price, no matter how noble the cause.  Spend money and get public opinion.

Our cause is noble, but we need to have the finance to push it all over the world.  The Shahanshah with all his wealth and power, was really awful in PR.  That is why it all went pear shaped.  Now we are trying to reinvent the wheel, when the tools are out there.  Heck the regime is using it all the time, and they are spreading lies.

All the blogs, tweets and other reports are like little drops of water, that if they coalesced, would make a huge Tsunami.  I know what you are going to say, "duh, who is going to organise, such a thing?".  Well it is not that difficult to agree on the statements that need to be said, and then gather the funds to spread the statements, isn't it.

Am I hallucinating? 


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