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I saw this comment by a person called mehr at latimes: //latimesblogs.latimes.com/babylonbeyond/2011...

This is untrue. Larijani comes from a family of mullahs and his brother is a mullah with virtually no education. The country is "run" by a half-educated mullah called mullah Khamenei who has not been elected. He sees himself (and acts) as a prison warden to the vast dungeon he and his likes have created; Iran. Perhaps ninety ninety five percent of the Iranian Nation vehemently detest the mullah regime. The mullah-revolution has only helped to create tension and unrest throughout the region and elsewhere in the world. At least ninety five percent of the mullah regime's hierarchy is run by "seyeds" who are NON IRANIANS. They number some three million in the country and are a sort of the untouchables of India; namely the "shudras" and the "bangis." Prior to the "mullah-revolution" they were beggars, pick-pockets, pimps, common thieves and even murder-for-hire indivduals. They claim decendency from mohammad the arab prophet of Islam. They crept towards the Iranian Plateau since the eight century. The word "Iran;" pronounced eeh-ran or ee-rahn means "Land of the Aryans" and has nothing to do with the nonsense created by Dolphus Schickelgruber, aka, Adolf Hitler. Most recently the highly regarded Haaretz newpaper of Israel in an article stated that DNA results of Hitler's living family members proved he was a Jew. Also the term "aryan" has nothing to do with the absurdity of pathetic skinheds in the USA who are mostly born in prisons and in abandoned train stations and culverts claiming to be Aryans. Similarly the "Swastika" is neither Indian nor Native Indian. Prof. Louis Snyder..."Encyclopedia of the third Reich" writes: "The swastika was first discovered on ceramics in Iran as long as four thousand years before Christ and from there "went" to Crete, Greece, then to Tibet, India, Japan and thence to North America; perhaps in 900 a.d.In finality, one simple statement: The foreign created and inspired mullah regme has to go and it will go, come whatever mey. The gallant Indo-European/Aryan nation of Iran will drive them away, back to some arab countries and countries of their ancestors.

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