A Complete Unknown

by alimostofi

I am crying.  I feel this person telling me to get this out, just as I happened to hear Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone.  I have been looking at the Horoscope of The Late HIH Ali-Reza Pahlavi, and I see so much potential.  Then I looked him up and was gobbed smacked.  My jaw dropped.  He went to Princeton. I immediately put it on my Twitter. What was his Senior Thesis I asked.  Couldn't find it.  Arrgh!  Then saw he did not stop.  He went all the way to Harvard and did a PHD.  You do a PHD.  You cannot buy a PHD.  So shut up, if you are thinking that.  The question I ask is what happened to his stuff? Where are his thoughts?  I sent a direct message to HIM Cyrus Reza Pahlavi.  Shit this tear is itching ... wait.  ( he blows his nose ...) and guess what now I am hearing another song on softclassicrock Hatian Divorce by Steely Dan and it mentions something about tears.  Coincidence?  No it is called Life, and it is more real than you think.  Reality is stranger than fiction.  You have to live.  We are all part of a network.  We are all connected, and we need to get it out.  SHOUT it out.  Did Alireza shout it out?  Did he have the guts to get on iranian.com and just let it all spill out.  NO NO NO.  That is what causes depression.  That is what it feels.  And now I hear the the tune Jim Croce playing Operator.

He did not have anyone.  But he is in all of our hearts.

This is incredible 


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The Queen and the Prince have done everything they can


What do you mean let things pass? Our Queen Shahbanoo Farah Pahlavi doesn't let things pass.. she gets in and fixes things. Our Queen has done everything she can for us and her family. She is in very difficult situation. Imagine being attacked from all sides by the enemy? imagine being betrayed by people you thought were your friends? Imagine being set up again and again and being let down. What do you expect from this family? they have gone above and beyond the call of duty both during their reign and afterwards. These people have integrity, compassion, decency, dignity, and have demonstrated an incredible capacity for love and forgiveness.


My thanks to Pahlavi Family for sharing so much with us


my thanks to Pahlavi Family for sharing so much about Prince Shahpour Alireza Pahlavi during this momentous time of grief. As Iranian people,  we need to give the utmost respect and love to this family who build Iran from ashes and since 1979, has sacrificed so much for us over the years. Despite all the harrassment, the attacks, the blood libel, they continue to love Iran and Iranians. Long Live Pahlavi.Long Live Iran.


SOS-FREE-IRAN there are so

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SOS-FREE-IRAN there are so many questions.  It is a bit like what happened to Lady Diana.  The immediate silence of the UK Royal family created a massive uproar. The same will happen, as the Crown Prince's and Queen Farah's hope that by not doing anything, it will just make it all pass by.

This "pass by" attitude, is what we all have been suffering from for thirty something years.  And as any responsible person would tell you, you know what happens if you ignore things for too long. 


Ali Mostofi




Prince Shahpur Ali Reza Pahlavi: Ancient Iranian Music Scholar


I want to know more about our Prince. We hear he loved Iranian music and was a scholar of Iranian music. What has he written about it? Why didn't anyone interview this budding scholar of Ancient Iran? Why was he shut out?


Suicide is a VERY common side effect of psych drugs

by Mehdi on

In fact any psychiatric "treatment" directlyraises the potential for suicide. This is a proven fact that psychiatrists,with their infinitely wealthy lobby have been able to hide or have ignored byauthorities. Most people on psych drugs commit suicide or become violent -school shootings are mostly done by kids on anti-depressants. In all cases thepsychiatrist is right there to blame it on "lack of psychiatriccare." But in reality it is the psychiatric care that increases theincidence of suicide many times over! I bet you any money Alireza was on somesort of psychiatric "treatment/medication."

Please note that "Depression" is a made up"disease." Scientifically speaking, being sad or extra sad for longperiods of time has NEVER been proven to be a disease. It is a made up diseasethat makes billions of dollars for the big pharma. with absolutely noscientific basis whatsoever.


Thanks, Ali

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I have started reading about it, and I'd like to discuss it with you a bit sometime in the near future. But I'd rather do it on your site or by e-mail for a few reasons. If you wouldn't mind.


It is the plastic screen which unites, it is the plastic screen which tears apart.



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DelilahNY: I am connecting more to the plight of Sedna. There are the usual tensions that have affected us, and HIM Cyrus Reza's chart connects to a lot of this.  Iran's Reza Shah coronation Horoscope links with this as well.

Read about Sedna and see the correlations:

I like this bit:

At the intermediate level, Sedna represents the energy which forces us, whether we wish it or not, to let go of our mortality and accept our immortality. 



Ali Mostofi




Did he have the guts to get on iranian.com and just let it

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all spill out???

Is that a typo, Ali?  Guts to spill it all out here? The question would be did he have the stomach?


Ali, he was a philologist. As you know that's not just a thinker but a kind of artist. I'm sure he wanted to be unknown, so he could find out who he really was and live his own life. Against all odds. Well he lost, but the choice he made took guts. Go back to his chart, Ali. I'm sure his strong quest for autonomy and identity is in there. To be the sovereign of oneself. And of course his field is also part of the quest for the Eternal. I'm sure that's in there too. That was his 'connection'. That was his Javid Iran. He wasn't going to find it here.

And pulling the trigger. That takes guts too. Definitely not advocating it, and know it's a controversial statement, But it's true.



ps. acccording to DK's blog on the Persian Sphinx,

Ali Reza’s “proclivity was much more toward history and scholarship than topolitics,’’ Milani said, adding that his main academic interests were ancientPersian history and Persian classical music."

Music, Ali. The music of the spheres. Not here.

Maryam Hojjat

You are Right on the SPOT!

by Maryam Hojjat on

He was kept out from expressing himself due to political activity of his brother RP.  I think he felt not useful in this critical situation of IRAN despite of all his potential & knowlege to help IRAN & IRANIANS.