Death of Zoroaster and Boxing Day

by alimostofi

The 26th of December is a peculiar day for me. In my rather peculiar life, to have a more than usual peculiar moment is ... (don't know the word).

Questions which are not necessary I find a waste of the energy - the Astrological energy. Most of the time I find myself telling people and myself why ask this or that question. So l don't ask unanswerable questions. Most of those unanswerable questions become religious blood feuds.

So you can imagine the quandry I am in when Boxing day turns out to be the same day as the day of the death of a very important person - Zoroaster.

But it is even more interesting. The 26th of March is Zoroaster's Birthday. That is far too close to Jesus Christ's death.

To me this is too much to ignore, and voices grow loud in my dumb-ass brain. Bruce Almighty who cares? But a solution shouts.

Screaming from somewhere I hear "it's the same. It's all one. There is no such thing as death. Think outside the box."

I write it here and the voices are gone.


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Farah Rusta

Still hearing voices Mr Mostofi?

by Farah Rusta on


Who says Jesus was born on 25th December? An unanswerable question to you I suppose :))



Probable answer

by hirre on

It is not so magical, because it is probably related to the earth, sun and astronomical observations... See Zeitgeist The Movie (first part, // for more information... This is why many religions and spiritual phenomenons are linked throughout the world...

We are all human...


Very Intriguing!

by Faramarz on

Very Intriguing Indeed!

What makes today, the Boxing Day even more interesting is the fact that it is also a Bank Holiday in the UK. Talk about another coincidence!

Now, if one looks at the origin of the Boxing Day which is the day that the servants got their presents (boxes) from their masters (after serving them all day on Christmas Day) and got to open the boxes, one could only conclude that the death of Zoroaster and the birth of baby Jesus were both British conspiracies!