Defending vs Defining Iran


by alimostofi

Every year, we Iranians abroad, get sickened to the teeth, as we see images of the madness that overwhelmed our country in 1979. People cannot believe, how a cunning fanatic pushed on a soft nerve in the Iranian psyche, and propelled Iranians towards a fake salvation.

We are given a carefully manicured list of all the things the Shahanshah of Iran did that was wrong. We are told that that was the cause for the need for change then. Like Obama's mesmerising speeches for Americans, the people of Iran then thought that money will be better distributed, and it is payback time for the super rich in Iran.
I was not born in a super rich family, but even in our own family, the ones who were not there like my dad was, very close to the instruments of power, told us, "you had it real good, now it is our turn". No matter what we told them; that we should be united against this Tsunami that is about to hit us, our own cousins ignored us.

So a moral high ground was lost. The very culture of being an Iranian was being threatened, and ultimately was removed from the public face. The name of Iran was changed. The flag was changed. The military who were supposed to be above politics had switched sides. The Shah had left and the Royal Institution was in disarray.

Rudderless and left to float on this turbulent oceans of dellusion, The Royal Institution of Iran, that for thousands and thousands of years had been the sacred cultural bastion against known external enemies, had been abandoned.

I would hear from the military and all those Iran lovers "abandon ship". The captain was down with Cancer and no one knew. All the ones with vision had been mesmerised by the Seyyeds/Theocrats. We Astrologers knew what was happening, and even predicted it. All you needed to read was what Jamasp and Nostrodamus had written.

But what could be done. Iran was an economic danger to the world. The military toys that the Shah had bought were too dangerous, just like they are thought to be so now for the Seyyeds/Theocrats.

Iran whose main contribution to world culture was the triad method of self-righteousness for the sake of rightousness as written in the Zend-Avesta, and later Declaration of Human Rights, was being rediculed by all the illiterate media in the world. Even professors were lauding the aliens within. No one trusted us. Most were jealous.

Some of us who were sent amongst aliens from the moment we could walk, were prepared, and to this day, keep the kernel of what it meant to be Iranian. We have had to withstand the British righteousness and be better than that, by being a Righteous Iranian. We rose above anger and became refined and very much defined than those in Iran.

We always wished that one day we wouldn't have to sit down and define rather than defend what it meant to be Iranian. But a lot of us Iranians still defend what it means to be Iranian, instead of defining clearly what it means to be Iranian and moving forward. We understood the dangers of pure democracy for the sake of democracy, or change for the sake of change.

In these defining moments of Iranian history we are all filtering what we don't like and upon reflection, it clear that we should not have abadoned ship for the sake of democracy. We know that Iranian democracy is different from democracy for its own sake.

We all now know that Iran is sacred, and it has to be above everything else. We can see, and the Seyyeds/Theocrats like so many previous aliens that have been melted by the Iranian culture slowly and subliminally, have had to use nationalistic propaganda to whip up popular support, by wasting money on capital instensive military projects.

We in the non-violent movement know that resistance to weapons is futile, but our peaceful spirit grows everyday when we resist anger and not bear arms against the violent alien morality. We know that we must not stoop so low to their level. We have defined our new Iran, and clear path to change and preserve and new Iran has been set.

To that end we have thousands of young hearts pumping out Blogs that are all Iranian First. The more the popular media repeats the same interpretations it has for the past thirty years, the more the people of Iran will look elsewhere for the truth.
The boat's sail is new and its being driven by young Iranian hearts who are above politics, religion, and culture. The waves are calm, and the wind is in our sails. We have established our own network inside the boat non-violently.

But no where do you see the old media speak of peaceful non-violent regime change through threats of general strikes. You just read about military strikes. Our war is already afoot, and the enemy is the old media that ruined Iran. Ya Ahura never again.


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