Don't shop and save Iran

by alimostofi

The delay, a concession to Russia, China and Germany - the other three countries in the fragile coalition of six world powers that are seeking to rein in Tehran's nuclear ambitions - came after a week of haggling on the outskirts of the General Assembly. The six countries issued a statement advising Iran that a diplomatic offer of economic incentives remained on the table if Iran suspended its uranium enrichment program.

The statement said the six powers would finalize the new resolution and bring it to a vote unless reports from European foreign-policy chief Javier Solana and the International Atomic Energy Agency in November "show a positive outcome of their efforts."

Bush administration officials, who have been pushing diplomats to ramp up sanctions against Iran, said the move to put off a decision until November reflected the harsh realities of getting all six countries to speak with one voice.

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How naïve can the major powers be? After all they have no power against the multinationals that run the modern world's equivalent of slavery in China, and US domains in the southern Pacific. Cheap labour, as in prisoners, but more importantly, cheap energy from Iran is supplied to China, but go to companies like Wal-Mart in China to export to USA.

Do you buy that unmarked stuff? It was made with Iranian oil and prisoners on cheap property in China. That is a fact and the corporations that have no regard for human rights do this. The list is endless and includes everything you buy. Sorry to spoil your shopping experience.


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The Pest is Islam

by Anti-Islam (not verified) on

Islam is 100% the pest. It is more dangerous than any other disease. The contradictions between Islam and Iranian identity is a proof of our people's understanding to finally get rid of this pest.

The problem is not to change this clown Ahmadinejad or any other Mullah, but to deislamise the whole space of Iran.

All seculars and democrats should first get rid of Islam before any further agenda.


To: Fred The problem is that

by Anonymouszzz (not verified) on

To: Fred

The problem is that by the time islamists reform in Iran, there isn't going to be left anything of Iran's oil via mullahs incompetence in managing their own cash cow.

And for an oil-based economy to run out of oil, this means destitution and misery for future generation of Iranians.

a new study by Roger Stern, an economic geographer at Johns Hopkins University has published in this week's edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that the Islamic Republic could soon run out of oil to export. "Iran earns about $50 billion a year in oil exports. The decline is estimated at 10 to 12 percent annually. In less than five years, exports could be halved, and they could disappear by 2015, Stern predicted."

Stern faults the inadequate investment (hostility to foreign investment to develop new oil resources) and mismanagement (poor state planning) and sheer negligence by the mullahs as the main causes of declining oil exports. The decline is estimated at 10 to 12 percent annually. Stern also informs us that the poor managment and inadequate care and maintenance of the refinaries contribute significantly to the loss of revenue and waste of precious oil, "If we look at that shortfall, and failure to rectify leaks in their refineries, that adds up to a loss of about $10 billion to $11 billion a year." "That is a picture of an industry in collapse."
Iranian oil production, which has been the main industry in Iran since the 1920s accounts for more than 65% of the nation's overall revenue. Iran earns about $50 billion a year in oil exports. He also points out that Iran's Oil Peaked in the 1970s and has been on a decline since the early 1980s. (see definition of Peak Oil).

The original forecast by EIA (Energy Information Adminstration) was that Iran will run out of oil by the year 2025. However, I think the mullahs are looting the oil revenues at a higher rate and not re-investing the revenues to maintain their only source of profit. That's what happens when a bunch of uneducated mob are at the helm of fourth larges oil producing nation.

This is quite frightening for a nation who's main source of revenue is oil. Iran has been investing in everywhere else in the world except Iran to the determinant of the Iranians future.

I have no doubt the murderous regime is fully aware of this fact and that's why they have chosen to expand their domination in the region unwisely to compensate for their incompetence.

Blinded by Islamic fanaticism, inaptitude and hubris, they have squandered and exhausted the oil resources to line their own bulging pockets and have invested the oil revenue in Dubai, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, etc. Instead of re-investing the money to replace and upgrade the antiquated oil industry infrastructures build by the Brits in 1920s, the regime has chosen to give $12000 cash per person to shameless Southern Lebanese welfare queens and kings and building them schools and hospitals and offering them free health care. And god knows how much more to Hamas et al while 40% of Iranians live below poverty level and the GDP of around $2800 and per capita income of only $8600 (Peru and Thailand have the same per capita income althought they are not oil producing countries)

I think all democratic activists inside and outside of Iran should demand the full disclosure of all pertinent information regarding this energy crisis from the Islamic Republic. Sober and objective assessment of this looming threat that faces all Iranians has nothing to do with politics and should be vigorously debated and it's catastrophic consequences fully identified and remedied before it's too late. This priority is above partisan politics. Iranians should hold the Islamic parliament responsible, according to the obligations under its own constitution, to discuss and inform the people of Iran on the consequences of their inept management of nation's oil. They should come clean and inform the people of how they have not used the oil profit to secure it's sustainability and as a result endangering the national security of the nation.

Stern ends his analysis suggesting that the US should be patient and scrap military intervention because Iran will be exceedingly weak economically and politically," If the United States can "hold its breath" for a few years, it may find Iran a much more conciliatory country, he said. And that, Stern said, is good reason to delay any instinct to take on Iran militarily.
"What they are doing to themselves is much worse than anything we could do," he said.

The absolute priority is to end the reign of ignorance of these medieval








After watching the CNN

by kayla (not verified) on

After watching the CNN program by Christian Amanpour where she interviewed some of the Islamists in Iran, I realized that Iran is split between being muslim and Iranian. Eventually these two will come to head and Iranians have to choose between the two. You can't be Iranian and progress in the modern world by being an Islam soldier and subscribing to a 1400 year olf fairy tale. It's going to be a long battle. The longer islamist reign, the better chance of Iranians realizing that Islam has destroyed their culture and their sense of identity as Iranians and has nothing to offer but death and victimhood.


Moosh bokhoradet

by Fozulbasho (not verified) on

Nazanin joon moosh bokhoreh to toro ke inghadeh ba naaz az ali joonet defaa mikini xxx


Attacking Muslim Names

by Nazanin Ghasemian on

Muslim names are art of Iranian culture. Attacking someone's argument because his name is Ali is probably the silliest thing, to be followed by arguing "you look too Muslim". Many of us have Muslim names. In the West most people are named after saints and angels, and it doesn't always relate to a particular view on religion or politics. The same is true for Iranians.



by Fred (not verified) on

What the new ally of the Islamist, the leftover lefties, outright Islamist supporters, racists of all stripes and colors and all-around America haters propose to do with the Islamic Republic is simple. Live and let live. Just expand trade, establish full diplomatic relationship and throw open the door for any and all to come over and gawk at fruits of Democracy-eventually that will lead to Islamist's reformation. If one were acting gullible or was overdosing on kindness he would call them overly exuberant and their theory of seeping Democracy, osmosis by proximity. Dream on!


Head of Seyyeds

by Fozulbashi (not verified) on

Hey Ali why don't you change your name to something Iranian? You claim to be dead against the seyyeds in Iran and yet yours is the name of the Chief of Seyyeds, i.e. Ali. What a hypocrite. Now Seyyed Ali take your advice and sell it to your own kind. We have no time for hypos.


a better title for this post

by No Sanctions (not verified) on

a better title for this post is "don't shop and starve iran."

well, ali, if you can advocate an economic stranglehold on the people of iran and still sleep at night, then honey, keep on dreaming.

Jeesh Daram

The six power can do what they want to

by Jeesh Daram on

All we need is ONE power to help Iran finalize the building of an atomic bomb. For thirty years we have heard how anyone touches anything belonging to Israel there is always swift retaliations and surgical strikes, have you heard of that? That is what we need in Iran. We don't need to be an aggressor and any child knows Iran is not and never been an aggressor, but we need to have the power of first strike, so if anyone wants to call it "The Gulf" instead of "Persian Gulf" we get medieval on their ass! That is the Iran we need to build a non-aggressor but a resting lion friend with all neighbors with mutual respect and arm-length interactions.

Chon Shir beh-khod sepah shekan baash

Farzandeh khesaleh kheeshtan baash


Just yesterday US unleashed an intercontinental missile from Vandenberg Air Force Base in CA to hit another missile that had taken off from Alaska. The cost of this experiment $850 millions. That would have paid for millions of Americans' health coverage costs. The news called it preparation for missiles from Iran, what a joke. The maximum Iranian missiles can hit is Shemiran and Lavasan and certainly no farther than Emamzadeh Saleh! LOOL


Apartheid vs Slavery

by Wal-Mart (not verified) on

I rather buy cheap stuff made in China than see my tax money going to Israel by billions to help an apartheid regime. Ali jaan please take your advice somewhere else to sell (Suggestion: Tel Aviv Times!)