Dorood Bar Shoma

by alimostofi

So I see this person. Getting closer, I see he is not Arab, not Pakistani, not Turkish. Only after I realise I cannot place him, I realise he must be Iranian.

I ask him, "where are you from?", and he says "Denmark". I say,"but where are you really from?". He takes a closer look at me, and says "Iran". I reply "Dorood Bar Shoma".

This is just about describes how we Iranians find each other. The culture is so strong, that we find each other beneath all the other layers.

As we talk we try to avoid political, religious and monetary discussions. We talk about culture. We start with the rotten weather in UK, and the food.

That is what we Iranians have. But unlike other cultures we divide ourselves along political religious and monetary lines. But it's getting better. We have a common enemy. The blessing in disguise. You know them.

But some day we need to live with them too. They will learn to not talk politics, religion and money. The ones with strong views dress accordingly. Then you think, "can I get through that layer?".

So we have two kinds of Iranians. Ones that shout "I am religious, and stay away from me if you are not wearing the same things". And the others that are silent majority.


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