Ehsas will make an Obama "Change" for Iran


by alimostofi

When you read comments like this:


The future of US-Iran relations will become a hot topic in the run-up to Iran's own presidential elections in June 2009, in which Ahmadinejad is likely run against several conservative and reformist candidates. A victory for the incumbent -- who until recently was seen as the clear favorite but is fast losing support -- could undermine any attempts to improve relations. The election of a reformist candidate such as former President Mohammad Khatami could boost the chances of rapprochement.


You think, that we in Iran need what Obama called "Change". These cries of change need someone with guts to come out and say it. Obama had the culture and fabric of US democracy to be able to safely such things. We Iranians do not have such luxury in Iran. Our country has been invaded by an alien Seyyed Empire. They justify their existance with each one of them claiming to be a descendant of Halabi Qureshi (aka Mohammad) who in turn (thanks to Salman Parsi) was told to be descended from Abraham. But what has this to do with Iran's 15000 year ancient cultural heritage as recorded in the Vendidad chapter of The Zend Avesta.

The irony of all of this is that, if it were not for the Seyyed incursion into Iran, we Iranians would not get so interested in The Ancients of Iran. We would not have changed, and found a stronger feeling about Old Iran, or The Ancients of Iran. My quest into The Ancient of Iran, began as a spiritual journey not too dissimilar to what one sees when one looks at Stargate SG-5. These are feelings, and illuminations, with quite a lot of delusions. It is an escape the mind makes up for me, to accept that as a group of people our ancient ancestors were way way ahead of anything now. It is easy to pass it as illusion, and be cynical about it. But it comes back more and more.

Belief is growing in the people of Iran, that we were better, and more respectable than now. When you look at Cuneiform, or such magnificent works of the Persepolis, you are inspired to think, that something very powerful was at work. This civilization of Ancient Iran was not the same as the violence of the Seyyeds. The Ancients of Iran are running the hearts and minds of all real Iranians. That's "The Change" that has taken place.

So with all this inspiration, why is it that nothing gets done? Why as such magnificent people as we were, is it that we cannot get our acts together and change Iran's government. Why can't we engage in a dialogue with the Seyyeds and tell them how they can be ignored with a General Strike? Do we all have to make a "Big Show" somewhere so that the world media understands the stuff that I have just said? Do we really need to make a government in exile, and have a spokesperson. We need to go through all that formality with the press first to then remove the Seyyeds. Who cares what the world media says. We want to take care of our own land. We have done most of the work in our minds. It is now time to put it to practice. We have until now abstained from any silly Seyyed voting.

The people of Iran have an Iranian feeling (Ehasas), that no Seyyed or other foreign country has. We all feel that feeling and really get it in Persepolis or Damavand or anything else that is uniquely Iranian I call The Spirit of Nowrooz. The path to change this aliens force is to let it know that they are powerless against this feeling the Iranians have.


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Let's say I use my magic

by alimostofi on

Let's say I use my magic wand, and bingo we have a government in exile, what then?  Will the world press report it?  Will we be able to create a dialogue, or engage the Seyyeds, and then engage the people of Iran to listen to us via the media?  The media is the achilles heel of all this.  The world media already knows that it can remove the Seyyeds, if it wanted to.  Fact is they do not allow any opposition groups, that already exist, become publicized.  A new Iranian Government in Exile, even with the blessing of the UN will not be able to reach Iranians.  The media is the barrier more than the Seyyeds.


Ali Mostofi




Welcome Back, Ali

by Killjoy (not verified) on

I was wondering what had happened to you. You, suddenly, disappeared from the site and didn't post anything for quite some time. What have you been up to?

I enjoyed reading your piece. Let's hope for better days without the mullaahs!

Maryam Hojjat

I think

by Maryam Hojjat on

formation of a goverment in exile would be the first positive step in this pursuit.  

however all the opposition groups must come together and support each other since we all have one goal to rid Iran from mullahs.





 کنون که تنها راه درست و اشکار رو پسند يدی , پس چه بهتر که در کار و کنش نيز از اين ايده بهره وری و در رويارويی با واژگان بيگانه چون { احساس } ,  برگردان فارسی ان   {دريافت يا بيافتن} رو بکارگيری .  همچنين , تا  بابک و کاوه و کورش رو داری  , نيازی به الگو سازی از يه  پاک روان نيازموده  نيست .  نگران رژيم قادسيه هم نباش که  زتلپ بشه يا نشه ...نخست  خود دست بکار شو , پس از اون  نام و فرهنگ ايرونی واسه فرزندانت , اونکه درست شد بگير گريبان و خشتک همسايه گانت و خر هوششون کن ..همينگونه  بيفت به جونه همشهريات ..چيکه چيکه , گرد ايد وانگهی دريا شود و اون دريا هم  سرانگاه  چرته  ملا عربو ميپرونه....من بيست ساله دارم  از بچگی  اين  به گفته نادونا "چرت و پرتو" زورکی به خورد دوستو و دشمن ميدم..دوزاری يکميشون افتاده , و بيک{عربی وليکن}  راه دراز است و کارزاری سخت..پس  اين دوور  و اين ميدوون ..به چرخ  تا بچرخيم.. تنت بی ازار و  زندگیت به پا باشه ..دمت گرم


nice piece

by MRX1 (not verified) on

very nicely said.

David ET

yes we need change

by David ET on

I enjoyed reading your timely article.