by alimostofi

If this clip is anything to go by then the people of Iran managed to do one thing right in a civilized way for the first time in recent history.


They all stayed at home and prepared for the real Iranian thing to do, and that is the Nowrooz.


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I am not MKO. I just found

by alimostofi on

I am not MKO. I just found theirs first. It seems 25 million voted - that is what Pourmohammadi said. So half that is the real number. So 17 million out of a population of 70 million. 6 million of them are Basiji, that leaves 11 million. They are probably new voters who have not voted before and are just doing it for the sake of novelty. 

Ali Mostofi



Ben Madadi

No MKO videos please!

by Ben Madadi on

The contents may be okay, but I think we'd better avoid using MKO videos for any purposes because behind these videos are really dirty and ugly people, the MKO, true terrorists even acknowledged by the EU and the US, who are worse than the akhunds.


This is not an election.

by Anonymousm (not verified) on

This is not an election. It's endorsing or not endorsing the state-selected candidates. It's a mockery of democracy and election everywhere in the world.


mardomsalari: Of course,

by Anonymousk (not verified) on

mardomsalari: Of course, they are the ruthless basiji or IRGC (KHodie) families. They are welfare receipient of the regime to oppress and spy on Nakhodis.

This group of bloodthirsty crimianls will not only vote, they will kill and murder to receive those subsidies from the mullahs.


couple of reports and an observation:

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Re-visit the second video, in couple of instances, it seems people are standing as if they were lined up for "photo shooting" session!!.


The only TWO choices we have?

by Majid on

Are these the only two choices we have?

 Ali MKO , or Irannegah?

Honestly, If these are THE ONLY TWO! I choose latter, but I KNOW there's a third option , and that is the free spirit of true Iranians.

Mehmoon cheshm nadaare memoon o bebine

Saheb khoone har do shoon ro!

Khoda roozit ro jaaye digeh havaaleh kone Seyed Ali.

Peerooz va paayandeh baad IRAN.



by agaheee (not verified) on

Of course no one will come out in one particular part of town in 8 in the MORNING to vote.

Are you retarded? Look at the NEW YORK TIMES that should IRANIANS stood in long lines even in Tehran, at night to vote.

Most people are SLEEPING on a FRIDAY (which is a DAY OFF) at 8 am.

You must be joking yourself




by MardomSalari (not verified) on

Are these the people that stayed home you were talking about????


Stop living in DENIAL people!