Fake Fear


by alimostofi

Recently we have all written a lot about hate and its results. We all have witnessed the upheaval in non-violent attitudes. We have seen how the infighting amongst the moslem rulers of Iran (Seyyeds/Theocrats as I call them) caused them to be split along the green and black veins. Alas they still do not know the real meaning of non-violence, and the greens did spill blood.

If I may say, the Spirit of Avesta that has been with us since the time of The Ancients, has taught us, that no cause can have a moral tone, without non-violence. There is no reason for death for your own or for your opponent. Dialogue needs difference of opinion, and we need not make monsters out of our foes.

Having things that provoke people to think that we are uncivilized and dangerous is not needed. For Iran to have nuclear weapons opens us to unnecessary questions. Even if we did not have such a bunch of uncouth, boorish people controlling the machineries of state, I would still object such weapons putting us in harms way.

Never mind the cost of it all, the whole idea of having such weapons, instead of treaties and reciprocal relationships, that have continuous checks and balances with other countries, makes Iran look dangerous and provocative.

It is quite clear that the Seyyeds/Theocrats who put their ideology above Iran, are only interested to hide under their missiles, instead of being reasonable and trustworthy. The people of Iran know that we cannot have our image be spoilt to such a level that it attracts pre-emptive strikes from other nations. Iran cannot become the punch bag of USA et al.

Sensible eductated Iranians can run Iran, and any media organization can ask the right questions to show how weak the Seyyed/Theocrats are against peaceful national general strikes. The aliens who put their cause above Iran can be peacefully removed, if they are repeatedly questioned publically. So the onus is on the world media, and one really needs to ask them why they do not show the regime's frailty against non-violent strikes.

It then seems reasonable to go beyond conspiracy theories and assume that the status quo has been carefully maintained for the powers that be in this era of world history. The media rules the world, and the fear of Iran's WMDs sells news.


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