by alimostofi

Iran said the allegations were either fabricated or related to conventional weapons designs. Saeed Jalili, Iran’s top security official, said the IAEA report was “a success and victory” and “the fruit of [the] Iranian nation’s resistance and insistence on their rights”.


What he really means is that the Seyyeds have successfully siphoned the resources of Iran to meet what their Mahdi wants them to do. And what in the world has that to do with Iranians who have deeper more authentic roots than any Seyyed. We have our own peaceful moral philosophy which is non violent and respects human rights. We love Life and that is why the Seyyeds have survived. If it was not for the Iranians' respect for Life, we would have lost our temper and created a Seyyed Massacre. We want to live with all, starting with anyone who has changed his religion from what was called Zoroastrianism to Judaism then Chrisitanity and then Islam. We respect that. Do they? So we will change Iran the right way. We will not play their game. We will not obey their dogma. We will stay at home as and when and show our strength with a massive 70 million General Strike.


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