Happy 50th Birthday to our future King HRH Cyrus Reza Pahlavi


by alimostofi

In ancient Astrology of Iran the time and place of birth of the King of Iran, meant a lot.  In present day Astrology, many cultures still value such analysis.  The chart represents more than the person King, but also reflects the country.  So it represents Iran now.

Below is the link to the chart:


Once a year the Sun land precisely on the same position as Neptune and he was chosen to be born on that day.  This is a gift of vision, a vision that can also be impractical. This explains why he is the way he is in the simplest form.  The same is true when this chart is applied to Iran. There is no doubt that Iran is very much under the power of Neptune, as Neptune represents spirituality, mysticism, and ideals.  Ironically the people have found someone with a birth date very close to this chart, and one cannot say that Iran is not ruled by spirituality can we?


As far as prediction is concerned, we astrologers look at the present pattern of planets and see if it affects the planets of the birth chart.  The most important planetary alignment that everyone is writing about is the Uranus/Jupiter Saturn opposition, and the square to Pluto.  It is hard to put all this into layman language which anyone can understand without any knowledge of astrology, but we all know the difficulties in the real world right now, and they are affecting this chart with the position of the Moon at 29 Pisces making an exact square to Jupiter.  With the path of Saturn slowly keeping in check religion as represented in Jupiter that rules the political arena (11th house), some sort of practicality will ensue.  As Jupiter joins Moon and trust grows and Iranians' network will blossom, and new bonds will create the change we need.  Trust will finally grow amongst us.

There is more to say about all this.  But let me just say, Happy Birthday tall guy, and keep your head above all of us, as you see more than all of us, but some times we forget that you see more.

Best wishes







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I am not interested in

by alimostofi on

I am not interested in anyone else, as they are irrelevant to Iran. 


Ali Mostofi




but what's the ending for mahmood bi-mokh and khamenei....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

accoring to our resident  astrologer?

Are they going to end their days, exiled in their high security palaces in damescus or end up hanged by their necks in front of the syrian embassy in Tehran with their pockets filled with stolen Iranian money? 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Message to Rusta and Piruz

by alimostofi on

Don't make comments about things you know nothing about. 

Ali Mostofi



Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

It isn't embitterment, Farah. It's contempt, pure and simple.

I'd likely feel the same way if the guy was Taiwanese (coincidence?), Egyptian (another coincidence?) or whatever. 

A pretentious stooge is a stooge is a stooge.

It's actually more the American in me that feels this way, and less the Persian. We ordinary Americans just find this kind of thing especially loathsome. 

Farah Rusta

Piruz did you know ...

by Farah Rusta on

that you and Mr Mostofi have a lot in common. Both are delusional as well as embittered though for different reasons. Your beef with the Pahlavis has its roots to granpa Sam's unceremonial dress down by the Shah, whereas Mr Mostofi's grudge has its roots in his own delusions (he thinks he should have been the Shah in Reza's place as the rightful heir to the peacock throne). Just read Mr Mostofi's unauthorized biography of the Shah and Reza in the links provided in the blog - with supporter like you Ali joon, Reza Cyrus Pahlavi needs no opponents.


Oh, and as for the spoof of the blog, well, do you really think it needs one? LOL!!




Sargord Pirouz

Shucks, this would have made

by Sargord Pirouz on

Shucks, this would have made a great spoof. But obviously you're not anywhere near clever enough for such. Instead, this isn't even worth reading, let alone considering.

Too bad.

I know, maybe a clever person with a good sense of humor can spoof this very bog post! Now that might make for an entertaining read. 

اختر خانوم

مراحم ملوکانه

اختر خانوم


اعلیحضرت وخ نداشتن خودشون تشریف بیارن اینجا که به قول قدیمیا ابراز
تفقد کنن، ایشون سر کلاس درس  دارن از روی سخنرانیهای شیرین عبادی و
رکسانا جون و بقیه مشاهیر سیاسی کپی برداری می‌کنن. به من امر فرمودن که هم
از شما تشکر کنم و هم این که یواشکی بهتون بگم دفعه دیگه با یه تلسکوپ
دراز تر شرفیاب خاک پای همایونی بشین که مبادا ستاره ای، چیزی از دستتون در
بِرِه. پادشاه آینده یعنی‌ چی‌؟ ایشون همین الآنشم شاهن، منتها به قول
آخوندای پدر سوخته تقیه میفرمایند.