How to get Lucky: Ohrmazd or Ahuramazda or Jupiter


by alimostofi

Most people ask me, the usual questions. When am I lucky, or who is my best Astrology Match. It is hard to generalize. Many want to have a simple tool they can privately find out for themselves.

Jupiter is pretty powerful. For the scientifically minded have a look at the image below. The site states "A magnetosphere is the region of space surrounding a planet which is dominated by the planet's magnetic field. Jupiter's magnetosphere is enormous. In fact, it is the largest structure in the solar system."


What you need to do to find your lucky partner
Below is a link to a site that lists when Jupiter was at different dates. I was born on January 16th 1957. So typically I would get along well with those who are born with Jupiter in Capricorn, or Taurus or Virgo. So it is not just your Sun Sign. Check out the Jupiter sign.

Jupiter Astrological Calendar through the Signs:

If you look at the link above, you will see where the position of Jupiter was in the various years. Look at your sign. If you know you are a Cancer or Tir, then you will be pretty much ok with people born in those years when Jupiter was in Cancer or Tir.

First thing to do is to look around you, and see who you know already. Then compare. Of course it works the other way round too. If your Jupiter is in Pisces, then you will get along with Esfand or Pisces.

It's all good fun.

It can get a lot more precise if you know the time you are born. That way we can see the descendant and then work with that. Then there is the position of Venus and it can get more and more complicated.

See pictures here: //


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