Ignore him

by alimostofi

It is becoming a sickly annual ritual. Around this time every year, we have an alien, pretending to be an Iranian, go to the United Nations. He does not represent Iranians, and in fact, represents an ideology that is totally anti-United Nations. Unlike Good Iranians like Cyrus the Great, that united the world of nations, this theocrat follows a dogma that has no respect for United Nations. His mission is to warn the world of an impending Armageddon and the coming of his Mahdi.

The least the world could do is to respect Good Iranians, and ignore this man. Blocking this man's passage to the UN, is the correct thing to do. At least, the UN representatives, can not turn up for his speech. That way, he and his ilk, will learn how low they are, as he preaches empty words to an empty hall.

On behalf of the peace movement of Iran, please ignore this madman (thank you Helmsley Hotel in cancelling his reception there). In fact do us Iranians a favour. Arrest him.


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I really enjoyed looking at

by alimostofi on

I really enjoyed looking at all those empty seats after the massive walkout by all civilized nations of the world.

Ali Mostofi




Thanks for your article!

by yolanda on

I recall not long ago, he made a speech at a UN conference, whole bunch delegates walked out on him, but he kept on talking anyway. The guy's skin is as thick as a pachyderm's. I read an article by Times saying that the reason for the way AN acts is because AN believes God is on "his" side....

      We will see what happens in the next 72 hours. All eyes will be on NY.